Consulates & Embassies

Consulate for Iceland
Contact Anne Lundin
Consulate of Belgium
Belgian Consulate located at 47 Irish Town.
Consulate of France
Located in the ICC Building, Main Street.
Consulate for Norway
Located at 133 Sandpits Vaults off Rosia Rd
Consulate for Finland
Located in Line Wall Road.
Consulate for Malta
C/o Abacus Financial Services Ltd
Consulate for Greece
Located in Glacis Road - Portland House
Consulate for Denmark
J A Gaggero Esq-Consul. Located at Market Lane.
Consulate for Switzerland
Located in Neptune House, Marina Bay.
Consulate of Italy
Located in Irish Town
Consulate General for Sweden
J P Gaggero Consul General. Located in Cloister Building.