Doctors & Specialists

Fitzpatrick W Dr MB B
Physician - Dr MB B S DCH MRCGP MICGP - general practitioner.
Borge Peter Dr
Physician - general practitioner.
Bequelin Rene Dr MB BS
Physician - general practitioner.
Valmar Medical Clinic
Medical clinic.
Reina Israel Chiropody and Podiatry
Podiatry and reflexology.Veruca.Ingrown toe nails.
Bioresonance Therapy Against Allergies and Intolerances
Bioresonance is a biofeedback therapy which can target, stimulate and boost the various bioelectrical signature patterns produced by the body to combat allergies, food intolerances, smoking addiction, weight loss and illness resulting in the patients' res...
Chiropractic and laser clinic
Chiropractic. diagnosis and treatment of bio-mechanical disorders. back pain. neck pain. headaches. dizziness. precise adjustments of problem joints. relieve symptoms. restore and maintain optimum health.
Gibraltar Orthopaedic Clinic
Clinic specialising in orthopedic rehabilitation technology.
Dr Patrick Nerney MBBCh DOccMED
Doctor specialising in occupational health and providing general medical services.
Robert J Kozoil - Chiropodist and Podiatrist
Wart clinic. Made to measure insoles. Minor surgery. In -grown nails. Diabetics. Chid Gait problems. Sports injuries.
John W. Miles - Chiropodist
In-grown toe nails including surgical removal. Biomechanical analysis for insoles and orthotics including for children. Wart clinic. Diabetics.
Mr John Miles - BSc Podiatry
Treatment of all foot related problems including sports injuries. Skin infections and nail infections. Corns and callous. Corrective nail surgery. Warts. Ulcer treatment and dressings. Arthritic foot problems. Diabetics routine treatment.
Specialist Medical Clinic
Clinic providing a wide range of treatments and diagnostic procedures. Acute illness and general practice. Cardiology. Cancer and screening. Neurosurgery. Naprotechnology. Genetic testing. Babies scanning and obstetrics.
Gilliam Schirmer McTimoney chiropractic clinic
Chiropractic clinic.
College Clinic
Provider of various speciality medical services for private patients. Primary care physicians and a broad range of medical specialists. Professionals allied to medicine.
Dr Shelley J C
Occupational health service.
Ear Nose Throat Clinic
Dr Hans Mueller specialist for ear, nose and throat problems.
Sene Andrew Dr FRCS
Physician - consultant surgeon and urologist.