Opticians, Glasses & Contact Lenses

Passano Opticians Ltd
Optician providing optometrist services, full eye examination, glaucoma screening, digital lens consultation. Contact lenses. Prescription sunglasses.
Centro Optico (Gib) Ltd
Optician providing optometrist services. Contact lenses. Reading glasses. Glasses. Sun glasses.
Omni Optic
Bushnell performance optics - binoculars and night visions, Zippo windproof lighters and watches, Leatherman tools, Sheaffer writing instruments and Led Lenser torches and headlamps. Located at 13 Main street.
Eye Studio Opticians
Optician providing professional optical services, retinal photography, glaucoma screening, interactive/digital screening. Prescription sunglasses. Designer frames. On-site laboratory. Contact lenses. VDU screening.
Optimeyes Opticians Ltd
Optician providing optometrist services, on-site lab. Contact lenses. Designer frames.
Gache & Co Ltd
Opticians providing full comprehensive eye examinations, glaucoma screening, fundus photography, children´s vision, orthoptics. Engravers. Sight tests, on site lab, diabetic screening. Contact lenses.