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Hi  I am hoping to move to Gibraltar and need to find work.   I am just finishing a teaching assistant course as thought it might help to find work here in the UK . But things change there is a lot more chasing these jobs . I'm wanting a fresh start for myself after my relationship has broken down.  I have visited Gibraltar 3 times and found it pleasant. I used to work in retail a while back , good with customers I'm a people person but just love helping children which is what I've been doing for 2 years as a volunteer and placement this last year , it's hard work but so rewarding . looking for help to get work  . I looked on recruitment websites but they only want call centre work or experienced gambling staff.  I may have to come over for a stay but can't afford to stay waiting for jobs to come up.  Would it be better to stay close near Gibraltar as I keep hearing how expensive it is to stay there.  Many thanks D 


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The same situation
Gonna move soon to this location too

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