What is Babbel?

Babbel makes language learning easy, effective and convenient for everyone. It offers the most relevant content for everyday life, and makes the language stick - with Babbel, you'll always remember what you've learned!

The courses are broken down into small blocks including plenty of grammar and vocabulary practice, with topics ranging from getting to know someone to ordering food to sightseeing.

Developed by language experts, our courses are continually updated and optimised, ensuring that you stay motivated. Our language experts have backgrounds in linguistics and teaching and each language combination across our 14 courses is carefully crafted to suit you, the learner, so the possibilities are endless! Learning a language is the key to accessing the world, so we've made sure you'll be able to start communicating from the very first lesson!


Do you think it's possible to learn a language in one week? 3 full-time Babbel employees decided to participate in a challenge to learn French in just one work week. They decided to maximise their learning by fitting the language into every possible situation. They went for lunch every day with their French colleagues, took an intensive 2-days course covering basic grammar rules with personal teachers (also Babbel employees), and practised with Babbel every single day throughout the week. Want to know if they managed to get conversational by the end of the week?



All you need to do is choose which language you want to learn and follow the registration process.

Babbel offers you the chance to try out the first lesson of each course for free to give you a better understanding of what our product is and show you an example of which topics are covered. Babbel Premium gives you full access to all courses and lessons for whichever language you have chosen to learn. Your course comes with a 20-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked!