Accountants: Hamburg City Centre

Dr. Schreiber & Partner Treuhand GmbH
Public audit firm attending to auditing and tax consultancy needs of businesses, companies and private individuals. Expertise in merger and acquisitions. Optimizing tax burden in Germany and abroad. At Colonnaden 41, 20354 Hamburg (Centre).
Somann and Scheller
Tax Advisers serving international trading companies in Germany. Specialists in international finance having experience in helping expats to optimize tax and social security situation. Advising immigrants. At city centre Fuhlentwiete 14, 20355 Hamburg.
Tax advice firm and auditors firm at Kehrwieder 9, 20447 Hamburg (City)
Simon und Partner
Tax Accountant and Constulant for International Tax Law, focused on British, US and Canadian fiscal law, at Kajen 12, 20459 Hamburg (City).
Schaefer + Krautwald
Firm of tax accountants and consultants providing expertise in all tax and finance matters, monthly newsletter for clients, with office in Bremen; at Rothenbaumchaussee 183, 20149 Hamburg (Harvestehude).
Dr. Ehlers, Gruttke, Dr. Volkmann and Partners
Tax accountant in Audit and Tax Advisory firm Dr. Ehlers and Partners, consulting in all tax and finance matters, at Brahmsallee 18, 20144 Hamburg (Harvestehude).
Best Audit GmbH
Tax consultancy, offering tax restructuring and cousulting, international tax and tax compliance, as well as accounting, management consulting and auditing, at Alstertwiete 3, 20099 Hamburg (City Centre)
Heiko Kramer
Tax accountant offering bookkeeping, tax declaration for companies, small business, freelancers and private persons, art Beim Strohhause 26, 20097 Hamburg (St. Georg).
Roeseler and Haller
Tax adviosory firm in St. Pauli, offering help in tax declaration, accouting and bookkeeping, consulting and wealth management. Clients are small companies, medical professions, freelancers and private persons. At Kleine Seilerstr. 1, 20359 Hamburg.
HSP STEUER Zehrt & Partner
Tax advisors company advising foreign companies and individuals, expats and residents in all financial and tax issues, at Sonninstrasse 28, 20097 Hamburg (City Centre).
DanRevision Hamburg
Tax consultancy company, in its Hamburg office focusing on cross-border tax cunsultancy in Germany-Denmark and acvice for Danish investors, offering auditing and management consultancy at Brandstwiete 1, 20457 Hamburg (City Centre).
SME Treuhand und Beratung GmbH
Tax advisor and SME Management counsulting firm serving small and medium enterprises, and providing one stop advice for setting up business in Hamburg and Germany from abroad, at Bankstr. 6, 20097 Hamburg (City).
Doberenz and Partner
Auditing and tax advisory firm focusing on management consulting and auditing for private persons and companies. At Fischertwiete 2 (Chile-House A), 20095 Hamburg (City).
Friedhelm Nohl
Tax accountant and auditor, offering service with tax declaration, bookkeeping and accounting, at Eilenau 38, 22089 Hamburg (Borgfelde).
Alexander Stepp
Tax advisor offering services in tax consultancy, bookkeeping, finance and management consulting. At Koernerstr. 34, 22301 Hamburg (Winterhude).
Koppermann, Rohmann and Partners
Tax advisory firm offering tax consulting, accounting, corporate finance and investment advice to companies, medical doctors and private persons. At Brandsende 2-4, 20095 Hamburg (City).
Tax advisory firm, Master of International Taxation, Consultants in International Fiscal Law, offering all services in tax and accounting matters, also consulting of musicians and sportspersons, at Grosse Johannisstr. 3, 20457 Hamburg (Centre).
Holger Juergensen
Tax accountant and consultant for international tax Law offering services in tax and finance matters at Neuer Wall 61, 20354 Hamburg (Centre).
Breede & Capelle
Partner company of tax consultants and auditors, advising entrepreneurs and private persons in tax and commercial matters. At Roedingsmarkt 33, 20459 Hamburg (Centre).
Dennis Huget
Tax advisor and Certified Internal Auditor, offering services in all tax and accounting matters, at Am Langenzug 22, 22085 Hamburg (Uhlenhorst).
Wolfgang Schwitalla
Tax advisor with office in Hammerbrook, offering help in tax declaration, accounting for all business types, annual closures and financial consulting at Spaldingstr. 210, 20097 Hamburg.
TTB Steuerberatungsgesellschaft
Tax advisory firm founded by Hans-Ulrich Behr, offering services in all tax matters, property issues, endowment and gift laws. At Heilwigstr. 33, 20249 Hamburg (Harvestehude).