Accountants: Hamburg East

Stolten, Schumacher and Schmidt
Tax consultants, working in partners society in Wandsbek, offering tax advice, tax declarations, annual closure, accounting, management and finance consulting, wealth consulting, at Am Neumarkt 26, 22041 Hamburg.
Sonja Behn
Tax consultant for all accounting and tax matters, advising business set up, office in Bergedorf at Vierlandenstr. 31, 21029 Hamburg.
Lotti Christen and Fabian Blume
Tax advisors, offering all tax services and specializing on consulting small and medium size enterprises in planning and budgeting, restructuring, business set ups with regards to taxes. At Rahlstedter Bahnhofstr. 20, 22143 Hamburg (Rahlstedt).
ATG Treuhand
Auditing and tax advisory firm, headed by Willi Peters, advising in all tax and accountancy issues, offering bookkeeping and management consulting, wealth management, at Heebarg 2, 22391 Hamburg (Poppenbuettel).
Doris Fiedler
Tax consultant, offering taxation knowledge for private persons and enterprises, tax planning and structuring, at Groten Hoff 1, 22359 Hamburg (Volksdorf).
Joerg Eggers
Mr. Eggers is tax advisor, helping with all matters concerning finance and taxes, at Osterbekstr. 90c, 22083 Hamburg (Barmbek-Sued).
Birgit Jansen
Full service tax advisor and finance consulting in Bramfeld at Bramfelder Chaussee 158, 22177 Hamburg.
Krieg-Moeller & Schaller
Tax advisors an Barmbek-Sued, taking care of tax declaration and accounting for private persons and companies, at Bachstr. 48, 22083 Hamburg.
Birgitt Ohlerich and Gisela Ohlerich
Tax advisors, serving in all tax matters, offering support in business administration, clients are small and medium companies of web media, trade, call centres, foster homes and entertainment industry. in Wandsbek at Luebecker Str. 126, 22087 Hamburg.
Jens Stoebener
Tax advisor consulting in the Poppenbuettel area, services for private persons and companies, at Kritenbarg 10, 22391 Hamburg.
Wolfgang Hassler
Tax advisor for the northern Germany area and Hamburg, located in Hamm, offers service for tax and accounting matters to enterprises and private persons at Horner Weg 15, 20535 Hamburg (Hamm-Mitte).
HSP Steuer Hoffmann & Partner
Tax advisory group, partner office in Glinde offering advice in all tax and financial matters, Oher Weg 2b, 21509 Glinde.
Astrid Perrey-Kroeger
Tax advisor for small and medium size enterprises, trade, manufacturers, freelancers, artists, foreign engineers, serving in all tax matters, at Fischotterstieg 13, 22159 Hamburg (Farmsen-Berne).
Tax advisory firm Baecker Denef Bergmann
Partners Horst Denef and Susanne Bergemann offer tax advice, finance, annual accounts and audits, services for small business owners, companies, doctors and freelance professionals at Bramfelder Str. 25, 20717 Hamburg.
Kueck and Parter
Tax advisors, auditor and lawyer, consulting in all matters taxation, taxation law and business administration, accounting, at Groten Hoff 6, 22359 Hamburg (Volksdorf).
Hahn and Mohr
Tax advisors taking care of tax declarations, accountancy, anwering questions aroung gift and endowment taxes, business start-up, in Tonndorf at Tonndorfer Hauptstr. 126, 22045 Hamburg.
Andrea Moeller
Tax advisor with experience in multinational companies, helping with all tax matters, focusing on small and medium size companies and private persons, at Senke 19, 22393 Hamburg (Sasel).
Carsten Schlumborn
Tax advisor consulting in all matters tax and accounting at Albert-Schweitzer-Ring 22, 22045 Hamburg (Wandsbek).