Accountants: Hamburg West

Karsten Pfeiffer
Tax advisor in Eidelstedt, consulting in tax and accounting, at Eidelstedter Platz 1, 22523 Hamburg.
Tax advisory firm, in joint chambers with lawyers, serving in all tax matters as tax declaration, annual accounts, accounting, at Auguste-Baur-Str. 5, 22587 Hamburg (Blankenese).
Carmen Bloese
Tax advisor taking care of private tax declarations, gift and endowment taxes, consulting small and medium sized enterprises, freelancers, medical doctors and lawyers, at Bellmannstr. 1, 22607 Hamburg (Othmarschen).
Ekkehart Voss
Tax advisor, Master of International Taxation, offering services in annual closures, tax matters, consulting in cross-border transactions: foreign incomes, posting of workers, moving and working abroad, at Wedeler Landstr. 93, 22559 Hamburg (Rissen).
Thomas Loewe
and Norbert Weller, tax consultants in Altona, focusing on tax advising, accounting, annual closure, management and finance cousulting, at Ehrenbergstr. 59, 22767 Hamburg.
Henryk-Torben Lemmer
Full service law firm focusing on corporate and trade law, German and international tax law. All auditing and tax services for small and medium sized entreprises, English website. At Albert-Einstein-Ring 5, 22761 Hamburg (Bahrenfeld).
Satz & Satz
Audit and tax consulting firm, serving in all tax matters, help for individuals and companies moving to hamburg. At Godeffroystr. 31, 22587 Hamburg (Blankenese).
Doctores Voelschau
Hanseatic tax advisory firm counselling in tax, finance and management matters, auditing services, M&A, due dilligence; with offices in Hamburg and Berlin, English website, at Beselerplatz 7, 22607 Hamburg (Othmarschen).
STBN Steuerberatung Nord
Taqx advisor Joerg Hahn and team take care of tax declaration, optimization and accountancy for small and medium size enterprises, freelancer, private persons and business start ups, clubs and foundations. At Bellmannstr.1, 22607 Hamburg (Othmarschen).
Heitgres and Friedrich
Ulrike Friedrich and Rolf Heitgres serving in all accounting and tax issues, for clients like pensioners, employees, free lance workers, skilled crafts and trads, and from US, in Blankenese at Blankeneser Bahnhofstr. 60, 22587 Hamburg.