Adventure Sports

Hochseilgarten Luetjensee
High rope course specialized on children, 99 obstacles between 1.20 and 20 m, day tickets, only self-catering, at Sieker Landstr. 22952 Luetjensee. Open in summer, Mondays closed.
Hochseilgarten Geesthacht
High rope course located at River Elbe banks, five courses and levels of difficulty, open April to October daily 10:00 to 18:00, Mondays closed, for kids from age 6 and adults, at Elbuferstrasse, 21502 Geesthacht.
The Imperial Lasertag Academy (TILTA)
The best Lasertag in the galaxy at Europe's largest simulation compound in Hamburg-Langenhorn. 
Fallschirmsportclub Mecklenburg
Skydiving club since 1989, offering training and qualification, tandem skydiving and club activities 120 km east of Hamburg on A24 at Flugplatz, 19306 Neustadt-Glewe.
Schnurstracks Kletterpark Sachsenwald
High rope course on 5 difficulty levels up to 14 meters, stand for drinks and sweets, at Holzhof 2, 21521 Aumuehle/Friedrichsruh.
Bungee Jumping
Jumping from harbour crane at Versemannstr. 2, 20457 Hamburg, organised by HEAG GmbH, check website for dates.
Albatros Fallschirmsport
Skydiving club, offering tanden skydiving for individuals and shows for company events, and skydiving facilities for members. 50 km north of Hamburg at Flugplatz Hartenholm, 24640 Hasenmoor.
YUU-Skydive Fallschirmsport
Skydiving club on modern drop zone 70 km north of Hamburg, offering tandem skydiving, AFF training courses and sports facilities with a Cessna Caravan of 2007 at Flugplatz "Hungriger Wolf", Towerstrasse, 25551 Hohenlockstedt.
Neon Paintball
Outdoor and indoor paintball venue offering paintballing for individuals (adults only!) and companies, renting equipment, online booking. Open daily 17:00-21:00, weekend opening 12:00. At Gutenbergstr. 3a, 24558 Hensted-Ulzburg.
HanseRock Klettergarten
Five courses of various difficulty levels on high rope course located within Internationale Gartenschau (but independet). At Am Inselpark, 21109 Hamburg