Alternative Medicine & Therapies

Naturopathic Practice Kathy Lemburg
Natural health professional and physiotherapist Kathy Lemburg offers osteopathy, classic massage and back training, English website, at Griegstr. 17, 22763 Hamburg (Altona).
Mallok and Wiegleb
Practice for complementary medicine offering diagnosis and treatment of the locomotor system and pains, chiropractic, at Waldweg 1, 22393 Hamburg (Sasel).
Salia Salarium and Themal Massarium
Salarium built from Himalaya salts, illuminated for a relaxing atmosphere, implying therapeutic effects for the well being, helpful when suffering from allgergies, asthma, exhaustion and other ailments, at Casinopark, Zollstr. 3, 21465 Wentorf.
Efe Goekpinar
Chiropractor, Master of Science and government approved authorization as a Chiropractor, English website, offering chiropractic treatments at Gustav-Freytag-Strasse 1, 22085 Hamburg (Uhlenhorst).
Dr. James Powell
Energy Medicine tools and wisdom to assist a person in working through the emotional, mental and/or physical challenges that prevent them from experiencing life in the way that they wish to, and from moving forward in it.
Jevon Daengeli
Stress & Burnout Rejuvenation Retreats in Bad Segeberg. If you want time away from your daily routines to replenish yourself or if you suffer from excessive stress or the symptoms of burnout, our Rejuvenation Retreat is especially for you.
The Mindful Way
The Mindful Way offers mindfulness courses. Course offers includes: Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction Program, Mindful Parenting, and Mindfulness at work. 
HanseMerkur Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine
Research of and therapy with TCM methods at the University Hospital Eppendorf. English website, offices at Martinistrasse 52, House East 55 (O55), 20246 Hamburg.
Practice for Homeopathy and Natural Hormonal Balance
Call for a free consultation if you want a natural treatment for body, mind and soul through herbal and homeopathic remedies. Often hormonal imbalances are at the root of health issues, which is why we specialize in treating hormonal imbalances.
Monika von Ancken
Psychotherapist, offers art therapy groups & individual psychotherapy helping with anxieties, depression, psychosomatic issues, traumatic experience and grievance.
Dr. Frank Sievers
Medical doctor and alternative practitioner, offering weight reduction programs and nutritional medicine, in practice at Hasenhohe 1, 22587 Hamburg (Blankenese).
Uschi Germer. Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie
Offering counceling for difficult life events. Systemic therapy helps people understand their family system better. Working with body psychotherapy helps to get closer to  hidden emotions. Asian relaxation techniques show new ways to find your inner....