Equestrian: Horses & Riding

Association of Equestian and Riding Clubs Hamburg
Organizing equestian sports, promoting riding and helping the clubs, with directories of clubs and their offers on-line, at Glashuetter Landstr. 11, 22417 Hamburg.
Scheckpony-Team Nord
Pony farm with indoor riding arena, offering riding lessons for children from 4 years, individual riding instruction and group lessons, show jumping, sulky training, at Syltkuhlen 254, 22846 Norderstedt.
Riding School Anja Wallert
Riding lessons for individuals and groups, horseback rides, tournaments, at Hegenredder 30, 22117 Hamburg (Billstedt).
Landesverband der Reit-und Fahrvereine Hamburg
Association of Horse Riding Clubs in Hamburg, offering information of riding institutions, events, tournaments and a list of clubs, at Glashuetter Landstr. 111, 22417 Hamburg.
Biannual international fair for horses, riding, with horse gala show, usually in April, in Congress Centre, Messeplatz 1, 20357 Hamburg
Hamburger Renn-Club e.V.
Hamburg Racing Club located at the racecourse Hamburg-Horn, organizing yearly top event Deutsches Galopp Derby and more races, at Rennbahnstrasse 96, 22111 Hamburg.
German side saddle association (RID)
Society promoting the art of riding in the side saddle. Website partly in English.
Riding School Hof Ruehmann
Individual and group lessons, excursions, summer school, show jumping, vauling, at Moorredder 9, 22359 Hamburg (Volksdorf).