Funeral Homes & Undertakers

Rosenkranz Bestattungen GmbH
Undertaker offering advice and support during the time after a bereavement. Worldwide repatriations and international transfers for all nationalities and religious beliefs, website in English, at Chrysanderstr. 15, 21029 Hamburg (Bergedorf)
Bestattungen Sorge und Partner
Funeral home, speaking English, Spanish and Portuguese, 24-hour-hotline, with subsidiaries in Stellingen and Wilhelmsburg, office at Eppendorfer Weg 5, 20259 Hamburg (Eimsbuttel).
Funeral homes, English website in progress, with subsidiarys in all boroughs of Hamburg, 24-hours hotline, central at Fuhlsbuettler Strasse 735, 22337 Hamburg (Ohlsdorf).
Clasen Bestattungen
Funeral home with English Website, offering funeral arrangements, international assistance, funeral speaker, consulting at Eilbeker Weg 16, 22089 Hamburg (Eilbek).
Osman Uludag and his daughter Ms Vildane organizse Islamic funerals and help with transfer abroad. Team speaks English, Turkish, Arab, French and Persian. At Borstelmansweg 68, 20537 Hamburg (Hamm).
Funeral home and undertakers: Nicola and Selina Foehring offer help and expertise, consult about all aspects of the ceremony and organise the funeral. Office near the Ohlsdorf cemetery at Fuhlsbuettler Str. 792, 22337 Hamburg.