Gifts, Florists & Flowers

Himmel und Erde
Florists shop offering bouquets, decoration, floral arrangements, concepts for private and business events, and coffee shop with choice of coffee, cake and lunch offers, at Am Hofweg 8, 22085 Hamburg (Uhlenhorst).
Die Lakritzerie
Traditional store offering international liquorice specialities, English fudges, Belgian and German chocolates, marzipan, in decorative gift wrappings, at Barmbeker Str. 189, 22299 Hamburg (Winterhude).
Blumenpavillon Poeseldorf
Florists shop creating bouquets, floral arrangements and decoration, wedding bouquets, wreaths, at Mittelweg 140, 20148 Hamburg (Poeseldorf).
Sweet Suburbia British Departmentstore
British department store in Ottensen, offering British products and brands, open 11:00-19:00, Saturday until 16:00, on-line shop, at Eulenstr. 49, 22765 Hamburg
Blumen Cornils
Florists, offering modern floristic for homes and offices, bouquets, floral arrangements, partners with Fleurop delivery service, consulting and serving on phone or in the shop at Am Diebsteich 11, 22761 Hamburg (Bahrenfeld).
Servus Hamburg
Gift and book store near Landungsbruecken offering modern and traditional gifts and art works, travel literature, ordering all books, at Rambach Strasse 13, 20459 Hamburg.
Goetz Deko
Florists shop offering wreaths, bouquets of flowers, delivering Hamburg north of Elbe, care of graves, at Alsterdorfer Str. 534, 22337 Hamburg (Ohlsdorf).
Shops offering choice of chocolates, sweets, filled chocolates, gifts, in decorative wrapping, at train stations and in the big shopping malls, like this one at Mercado Center, Ottenser Hauptstrasse 10, 22765 Hamburg (Altona)
Sweets manufacturer, selling candy, fudge and gifts on-line and at the shop in Ottensen, Friedensallee 12, 22765 Hamburg, open Tuesday to Friday 11:00-18:30, Saturday till 16:00.
Store offering gifts, accessories, food and sweet specialities: pretty, handy and loads of yummy stuff, at Martinistr. 18, 20251 Hamburg. Shop open 11:00-19:00, Saturday until 16:00.
Flower shops importing flowers directly from Netherlands flower bourse, open Wednesday to Friday 9:00-18:00 and Saturday from 9:00, at Tibarg 32d, 22459 Hamburg (Niendorf) and Alte Holstenstr. 66, 21029 Hamburg (Bergedorf).
EinFach Glueck
Store selling an extraordinary mix from weekly varying small manufacturers in a shop-in-shop system, also hosting a hairdresser, and offering space to sell your own handmade goods, at Reetwerder 8, 21029 Hamburg (Bergedorf).
Floral designer Dorle Nielsen, planning and creating floral concepts for private and business events, weddings, fairs, presentations and decoration of all venues, at Niendorfer Weg 11, 22453 Hamburg (Eppendorf).