Gyms & Fitness Classes

Stay fit! Here are gyms and fitness clubs offering English language instruction, workouts and courses, pilates, cardiovascular training, back muscle training, gymnastics, wellness and nutrition counselling.

Holmes Place Health Club
Sports and wellness club in listed factory buildung of former gasworks, offering well being and fitness programmes; running, rowing, biking and other modern training equipment, indoor sports pool at Gasstraße 2, 22761 Hamburg.
Fitness and wellnes, back therapy, modern gym equipment for endurance and strenght training east of Hamburg at Meessen 32, 22113 Oststeinbek.
Holmes Place Health Club Mundsburg
Lifestyle club for fitness, wellness and beauty on 3 floors, ladies gym, pool, personal trainers, open daily 7:00-23:00, weekend 9:00, at Bostelreihe 2, 22083 Hamburg (Mundsburg), English website.
Mrs Sporty Lohbruegge
Fitness studio and sports programme for women of all age, including nutrition consulting and individual fitness progammes, at Lohbruegger Landstr. 28, 21031 Hamburg (Bergedorf).
Damen-Aktiv-Studio Lurup
Fitness, health and weight reduction, especially for women, offering courses and individual training, gymnastics. wellness, at Luttkamp 23, 22547 Hamburg (Lurup).
Fitnessstudio City Nord
Gym and fitness studio concentration on holistic health approach, offering courses and gym training, sauna and wellness, at Uberseering 5 - 15, 22297 Hamburg (Hamburg-Nord).
Aspria Alstertal
Wellness and sports club in the north of Hamburg offering to its members modern training facilities and programmes, tennis and badminton, spa, wellness, indoor and outdoor pools as well as family and cultural activities at Rehagen 20, 22339 Hamburg.
Kieser Training Hamburg-Bergedorf
Fitness chain, one of 7 Kieser gym clubs in Hamburg, offering strength and endurance training, weight training, back therapy, location finder, at Weidenbaumsweg 139, Hamburg-Bergedorf.
Holmes Place Health Club
With two locations in Hamburg (Hamburg Bahrenfeld and Hamburger Meile), Holmes Place Health Clubs is the most expat friendly, Fitness & Lifestyle Club in Hamburg.
Kieser Training Hamburg-Winterhude
Fitnes studio and gym offering back training, medical therapy, gym equipment and individual training opportunies, at Winterhuder Marktplatz 6-7a, 22299 Hamburg (Winterhude).
fitness & friends
Sports club and gym, spa area and pool, more than 600 courses, open daily 6:0-23:00, weekend 9:00-21:00, at Friedrich-Ebert-Damm 128, 22047 Hamburg (Wandsbek).
Kieser Training Poppenbuettel
Medical health support, gym and fitness training at Kieser studio in Poppenbuettel, open daily 7:00 to 22:00, weekend 9:00 to 18:00, at Kritenbarg 4, 22391 Hamburg.
Kaifu Lodge
Fitness club offering 210 courses weekly, aerobic, pilates, pump, Thai chi, dance aerobics, capoeira, Indoor-Cycling, Latin dance, pilates, step explosion, child care, wellness at
Power Plate Center
Fitness and training with power plate equipment, offering training for weight loss, back therapy, muscle building and anti-cellulite training at Eulenkrugstr./ Wiesenhoefen 55-57 (Eulenkrugpassage 3rd floor), 22359 Hamburg (Volksdorf).
Kieser Training Hamburg-Altona
Gym and fitness studio, offering medical therapies, training programmes for strength and fitness, gym equipment, open every ay 7:00 to 22:00, weekend 9:00 to 19:00, at Schumacherstr. 17, 22767 Hamburg (Altona).
Mrs. Sporty Barmbek Sued
Gym offering training concept for women of all ages, modern equipment, nutrition consulting, sport groups, at Schleidenstraße 2, 22083 Hamburg (Barmbek).
Kieser Training Hamburg-Airport
Gym and fitness center, individual training or personal coach, medical therapies, various programmes for back, running, golf, tennis and more, at Flughafenstr. 1-3, Airport Plaza, Haus D/Ebene 3, 22335 Hamburg (Airport).
Mrs. Sporty Rotherbaum
Sports club and gym for women, offering individualized programmes, efficient workouts and nutrition consulting in English language, at Rothenbaumchaussee 61, 20148 Hamburg (Rotherbaum).
Aspria Uhlenhorst
Wellness club offering, sport, well-being and culture to the members, including spa with indoor and outdoor pool, gym, indoor cycling, restaurants and integrated health services, English website, at Hofweg 40, 22085 Hamburg (Uhlenhorst).
Royal Sports Club Hamburg
Fitness club and gym, Feng Shui designed, offering personal supervision, medical counselling, fatburner courses, pilates, fitness and strength training courses at Eulenkrugstr. 68, 22359 Hamburg (Volksdorf).
Scottish Country Dancers of Hamburg
The Scottish Country Dancers meet and practice every Thursday at Albert-Schweizer-Schule, Schluchtweg 1, 22337 Hamburg (Ohlsdorf), guests welcome, SCDH perform in public on festivals and events.
Several fitness centres in Hamburg, open 24 hours and 365 days, trainer presence 8:00-22:00, training plans, strength, weight and endurance training, membership valid for all McFit studios, one of many at Eiffestrasse 664, 20357 Hamburg (Hamm).
mei:do Center Hamburg
mei:do is a scientifically based training system that helps people remain healthy well into old age, fitness, diagnosis and cosmetics studio at Dammtorwall 7a, 5th floor, 20354 Hamburg (City Centre).
Rhythm & Dance Tanzstudio
Rhythm and Dance studio offering open Zumba courses (Wednesday and Friday), Latin Dance, school of dancing for teens and adults, special courses, wedding crash course, at Weidenbaumsweg 139, 21035 Hamburg (Bergedorf).
KMA - Krav Maga Academy
Krav Maga Academy offers Krav Maga training for the civil sector, for security staff and in personal training sessions. Regular workshops with international trainers, studios at Stresemannstr. 374, 22761 Hamburg and in Kellinghusen (north of Hamburg).
Kieser Training Hamburg-Rahlstedt
Fitness studio and gym in Rahlstedt, open every day, offering medical training and individual training programmes with modern equipment, at Helmut-Steidl-Platz 3, 22143 Hamburg.
Injoy Wentorf
Fitness club and gym offering training, health and strength training, courses, native English trainer, wellness area and sauna, child care, at Am Casinopark 14, 21465 Wentorf (east of Hamburg).
Fitness club offering ball sports (badminton, table tennis, basketball), gym and fitness machines, fitness courses, indoor cycling, yoga & pilates as well as wellness area including sauna, at Osterbekstr. 90b, 22083 Hamburg (Barmbek).
Fitness for women, cardiovascular training, gymnastics. wellness, nutrition counselling at Fabriciusstrasse 25, 22177 Hamburg (Bramfeld).
Bodybuilding Club Olympic
Bodybuilding training, high-performance sports centre for the North of Germany, fitness and training facilities for sportsmen of different sports and beginners, gym equipment on two floors, at Steindamm 103, 20099 Hamburg (City Centre).
Zanshin Dojo
Martial arts and combat sports studio, offering facilities and courses for boxing, capoeira, aikido, kung fu, wing chun, ju-jutsu, fitness and gym training, at Mendelssohnstrasse 15b, 22761 Hamburg (Bahrenfeld).
Gym and fitness club in the centre of Blankenese, offering fitness and work out, individual and group training, at Dormienstr. 1a, 22587 Hamburg (Blankenese). Shaping-up - your place to excercise while being in Blankenese or just in the west of Hamburg.
Hamburg Diamonds Cheerleader
Cheerleading in different age groups - junior diamonds, little diamonds - participating in tournaments, performance on events, at VfL Lohbruegge, Binnenfeldredder 9, 21031 Hamburg (Bergedorf).
Reach your fitness goals in Hamburg. Lose fat, build a strong body and feel full of positive energy. Personal training, small-group and nutrition advice in a friendly environment.  Fun & effective functional training with fluent bi-lingual coache...
Lady Fitness Center
Ladies gym and fitness club offering cardiovascular training, back therapy training, fitness courses (aerobic, pilates, yoga, body workout, dance, step and more) at Schillerstr. 44, 22767 Hamburg (Altona).
Kieser Training Eimsbuettel
Kieser gym focusing on training for the back, medical programmes, gym equipment, individual training programmes, studio open every day, at Heussweg 37d, 20255 Hamburg (Eimsbuettel).
Elixia Vitalclub
Gym and fitness club offering programmes, courses and personal coaching, at Essener Str. 4, 22419 Hamburg (Langenhorn).