Insect, Pest & Rot Treatment

Kill-Team Pest Control
Specialised company offering pest control against rats, wasps and cockroachs, installing pigeon defence systems, 24 hours hotline, at Kollaustr. 122, 22453 Hamburg (Lokstedt).
Clean Team
Company offering pest control and fumigation, offering 3-hour-service and emergency help within 48 hours, weekday and weekend, visiting customers in neutral cars, at Segeberger Chaussee 388 a, 22851 Norderstedt.
Pest control company serving with the control of insects, rodents, wood pest, offering fumigation in all boroughs of Hamburg and in the area, with offices in Gross Flottbek, Elmshorn and at Alte Volksparkstrasse 24, 22535 Hamburg (Stellingen).
Company offering ecological pest control for private households, facility management, restaurants and hotels, schools and supermarkets, emergency number, at Kapstadtring 10, 22297 Hamburg (Alsterdorf).