International Tax Law & Financial Advisors

International Tax Law Consultants

US Expat Tax Help
US Expat Tax Help is a full service tax and consulting firm specializing in tax preparation and planning for US expatriates and green card holders. Helping taxpayers with foreign earned income exclusions, foreign tax credits, FBARs, FATCA and IRS audits.
Schomerus & Partner
Tax consulting firm with lawyers, tax specialists, accounting and international finance. At Deichstr. 1, 20359 Hamburg (City).
Simon and Partner
Lawyers, tax accountants and auditors consulting in international finance and tax law, specialized in British Tax Law, Canadian Tax Law. At Kajen 12, 20459 Hamburg (City).
Hindenburg and Salamon
Society of tax advisors and tax lawyers, consulting in international finance and taxation, auditing and tax matters for private persons and companies. At Adlerhorst 15, 22459 Hamburg (Niendorf).
Best Audit GmbH
Tax consultancy, offering tax restructuring and cousulting, international tax and tax compliance, as well as accounting, management consulting and auditing, at Alstertwiete 3, 20099 Hamburg (City Centre)
Roedl & Bartling
Auditing and tax advising consultants, specialised in International Finance and Tax Law, at Kehrwieder 9, 20457 Hamburg (Centre).
Wilhelm Hellhake
Tax Accountant, Lawyer and Consultant for International Tax Law, specialised in US, British and EU tax law, at Jungfernstieg 1, 20095 Hamburg (Centre).
mensching plus
Tax advice firm, Consultants in International Finance and Tax Law, focused on providing services for investments in Germany. Offices at Grosser Burstah 45, 20457 Hamburg (Centre).
Beil Niehaves
Tax advisors and accountants office, partners Dr. Niehaves, Master in International Taxation and Andreas Beil, International Consultant, both specialising in fiscal law of UK, USA, Canada, India, France and EU, at Lehmweg 7, 20251 Hamburg (Hoheluft-Ost).
DanRevision Hamburg
Tax consultancy company, in its Hamburg office focusing on cross-border tax cunsultancy in Germany-Denmark and acvice for Danish investors, offering auditing and management consultancy at Brandstwiete 1, 20457 Hamburg (City Centre).
Holger Juergensen
Tax accountant and consultant for international tax Law offering services in tax and finance matters at Neuer Wall 61, 20354 Hamburg (Centre).
DanRevision Kiel
International tax accountants, offering auditing, tax consultancy, management consultancy, interdisciplinary consultation, specialising in renewable energy, China desk, at Wall 55 (Sellspeicher), 24103 Kiel.
Tax advisory firm, Master of International Taxation, Consultants in International Fiscal Law, offering all services in tax and accounting matters, also consulting of musicians and sportspersons, at Grosse Johannisstr. 3, 20457 Hamburg (Centre).
Wiebecke and Partner
Lawyers and tax advisors consulting companies and private person in all legal and tax issues. Ms. Hildebrand and Ms. Huttenlocher are lawyers specialized in taxation law, Ms. Noe is tax advisor, offices at Paul-Nevermann-Platz 5, 22765 Hamburg (Ottensen)
Kueck and Parter
Tax advisors, auditor and lawyer, consulting in all matters taxation, taxation law and business administration, accounting, at Groten Hoff 6, 22359 Hamburg (Volksdorf).
Dierkes & Partner
Firm of auditors, tax accountants and lawyers, specialized in International Finance and Tax Law, consulting and advising in all economic and tax-related matters, at Baumwall 7 (Ueberseehaus), 20459 Hamburg (City).
Tax advisory firm specialised in international tax law, consulting in finance, taxes and accounting, auditing, at Bleichebruecke 9, 20354 Hamburg (City).
Thats Consulting
Thomas Schwarz, tax accountant and consultant for international fiscal law, and lawyer Anke Suborg advise and consult business owners in all matters financial, legal and tax related. At Winterstr. 4-8, 22765 Hamburg (Altona).
Henryk-Torben Lemmer
Full service law firm focusing on corporate and trade law, German and international tax law. All auditing and tax services for small and medium sized entreprises, English website. At Albert-Einstein-Ring 5, 22761 Hamburg (Bahrenfeld).
Stokes Agencies
Stokes Agencies provides year-round, individual U.S. federal and state tax preparation services to U.S. citizens, Green Card holders and nonresident aliens residing in Europe, specialising in difficult tax situations involving foreign income.
Somann and Scheller
Tax Advisers serving international trading companies in Germany. Specialists in international finance having experience in helping expats to optimize tax and social security situation. Advising immigrants. At city centre Fuhlentwiete 14, 20355 Hamburg.
Ekkehart Voss
Tax advisor, Master of International Taxation, offering services in annual closures, tax matters, consulting in cross-border transactions: foreign incomes, posting of workers, moving and working abroad, at Wedeler Landstr. 93, 22559 Hamburg (Rissen).
David Opperman CPA
American Certified Public Accountant, living in Germany, that specializes in the U.S. tax needs of Americans abroad, and other persons with U.S. financial interests, preparing U.S. federal and state income tax returns, English and German spoken.