International Tax Law & Financial Advisors

German tax declaration, international taxation and insurance: Specialized financial advisors support expats in financial issues and cross border transactions.

Kris Hauf - Private Vermoegensbetreuung
Independent financial consultant offering financial advice, insurance brokerage (private and business), pension plans (individual and corporate), asset management, sustainable investments, fluent English and French, at Roedingsmarkt 14, 20459 Hamburg.
GFS Global Financial Solutions
Independent financial consulting company, planning investment concepts, retirement plans and asset management, co-operating with international partners, at Neuer Wall 13, 20354 Hamburg (City Centre).
HJB Consulting
Consultig company advising in matter of financial investments, focusing on operational management of interest rate instruments, stockholdings, stake holdings, currencies and commodities, development of retirement schemes, office in Kaltenkirchen.
Accountancy Saint Paul
United States Tax, FATCA & BEPS compliance & advisory firm serving Americans living overseas
Dr. Schreiber & Partner Treuhand GmbH
Public audit firm attending to auditing and tax consultancy needs of businesses, companies and private individuals. Expertise in merger and acquisitions. Optimizing tax burden in Germany and abroad. At Colonnaden 41, 20354 Hamburg (Centre).
Bankhaus Lampe
Owner-operated private banks focusing on support for wealthy private clients and companies, English website. Please call for appointment. At Ballindamm 11, 20095 Hamburg.
Gunn and Partner
Independent insurance brokers and financial advisors, consulting in personal and business insurance, focusing on expats, speaking English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese, useful facts on English website, at Rehrstieg 52, 21147 Hamburg.
Jyske Bank Private Banking Hamburg
Danish bank offering private banking and wealth management for expats, international banking, personal consulting, at Hamburg branch, Ballindamm 13, 20095 Hamburg (City Centre).
Financial advisors focusing on women clients, focusing on investment stragety and planning, retirement planning and insurances. At Grindelallee 176, 20144 Hamburg (Eimsbuettel).