Internet, Telephone, Mobile & WiFi

Berlin based telecommunication company offering internet and telephony, at Charlottenstrasse 17, 10117 Berlin.
Telecommunication company offering mobile phones, mobile internet, DSL and landlines, on-line chat service, 17 vodafone shops in Hamburg. One in city centre at Ballindamm 40, 21079 Hamburg.
Deutsche Telekom
Telephone company installing landlines, internet services and offering mobile services, with 22 shops in Hamburg, different service numbers and online help.
TKS English Cable Servie
Cable company offering telephone, internet, mobile and cable tv services for English speaking customers based in Kaiserslautern.
Kabel Deutschland
Telecommunication and cable television company offering telephone services, internet and television via cable.
O2 - Alice
Telco company Telefonica offering telephony for households (dsl, landline, internet, brand name Alice), and mobile O2 services, more than 12 shops in Hamburg, one at Europapassage, Ballindamm 40, 20095 Hamburg (City Centre).