Kindergarten, Preschool & Creche

Find a place in a Kindergarten or Nursery School with English-speaking staff – here's a list of bi-lingual and international child care facilities in Eppendorf, Winterhude, Blankenese or Wandsbek.

Kinderhaus Tornquiststrasse
Bilingual child care facility offering creche group and elementary group (age 3 to school start), focusing on musical education, open 7:00 to 19:00, at Tornquiststrasse 22, 20259 Hamburg (Eimsbuettel).
Kita Deelboegenkamp
English-German bilingual day care center and kindergarten, Kinderwelt Hamburg e.V., for children from 11 months to 6 years. Open Monday to Thursday 7:00-17:30, Friday 17:00, at Deelboegenkamp 4a, 22297 Hamburg (Alsterdorf).
Little Feet
Little Feet is an English day care in Hamburgs East, operated by native English speakers, at Bekassinau 87, 22147 Hamburg (Rahlstedt).
Kita Eppiland
Bilingual corporate day care and kindergarten, provided by Kinderwelt e.V. with some free places for neighbourhood kids age 6 months to pre-school. Integration of disabled children. At Poppenbuetteler Weg 124 a, 22399 Hamburg (Hummelsbuettel).
Kita Bullerbue
Kindergarten for children from 3 years to pre-school with bilingual education (English/German), musical and creative education, open Monday to Friday 7:30-17:30 on Kanalstr. 16, 22085 Hamburg (Uhlenhorst)
Lucky Kids
English kindergarten for children 2 to 6 years, pre-school program, open Monday to Friday 8:00-16:00, on Pezolddamm 23, 22175 Hamburg (Bramfeld)
Kinderhaus Grot Sahl
Kindergarten, nursery school and after school day care, in 3 houses, offering bilingual education, nature and environmental projects, for children 0 to 12 years of age, open 7:00 to 19:00, at Grot Sahl 22, 22559 Hamburg (Rissen).
Hort Richardstrasse
After school care centre with bilingual concept for children 5 to 10 years old, open 13:00-18:00, vacations 8:00-18:00 at Richardstr. 85, 22089 Hamburg.
Seedlings English Nursery
Private nursery for two and three year olds in Othmarschen/Nienstedten. Native English speaking teachers, small group of children.
English-German bilingual corporate kindergarten (3 to 6 years) and creche (starting 1 year old), open Monday to Friday 8:00-18:00 at DESY, by Kinderwelt Hamburg e.V., Notkestrasse 85, 22607 Hamburg (Bahrenfeld)
Kita Eilbeker Weg
Kinderwelt Hamburg e.V. German and English bilingual child care center with two houses: creche in one, elementary kindergarten in the other. Open Monday to Friday 7:00-17:00 at Eilbeker Weg 51-53, 22089 Hamburg (Eilbek).
Kita Rantzaustrasse
German and English bilingual kindergarten and creche from 1 year to pre-school, house with big garden and near park, managed by Kinderwelt Hamburg e.V., open 7:00-17:00 in Rantzaustrasse 12, 22041 Hamburg (Marienthal).
Parents Centre (Eltern-Kind-Zentrum) Oldenfelde
Contact and help for parents and their (young) children. Sharing experiences, breakfast, parenting courses, free German lessons. Coffee shop open Monday to Thursday 9:00-12:00 at Hermann-Balk-Str. 47, 22147 Hamburg
Kita Rappelkiste
Bilingual (English-German) Kinderwelt Hamburg e.V. kindergarten with big outdoor facilities for children from 3 years to pre-school and after-school centre. Open Monday to Friday 7:30-17:30 at Hermann-Balk-Str. 47, 22147 Hamburg (Oldenfelde).
Kinderzimmer Stubbenhuk
Creche and kindergarten, native English speaking staff, open 6:00-20:00, various music and sports activities offered, English website, at Stubbenhuk 9, 20459 Hamburg (City Centre).
Strollers Kinderhaus - Day Care Center Hamburg-Blankenese
Private and state recognized Day Care Center in Blankenese, offering groups for children from 6 months to school age, half day or full day, activities, huge garden and qualified teachers, open 7:30 to 17:30 at Erik-Blumenfeld-Platz 13, 22587 Hamburg.
Kita Rothenbaumchaussee
Nursery school and kindergarten, offering creche group for children month 3 to 3 years, elementary group for 3 to school start, at Rothenbaumchaussee 138, 20149 Hamburg (Harvestehude).
German-Chinese Kindergarten
Bilingual German-Chinese kindergarten, groups for Chinese native speakers as well as for children with no knowledge of Chinese, English website, music education, Hamburg voucher system, at Doormannsweg 41-43, 20259 Hamburg (Eimsbuettel).
Kinderhaus Weidenallee
Bilingual kindergarten and nursery school, each group with a German and an English speaking teacher, music and science offers, open 7:00 to 19:00, at Weidenallee 22, 20357 Hamburg (Eimsbuettel).
Kita Langenfelder Damm
Kinderwelt e.V. provides creche for toddlers from 1,5 years on and kindergarten from 3 years to 6 years, both bilingual English and German, open Monday to Thursday 7:30-17:30, Friday till 17:00, at Langenfelder Damm 97, 22252 Hamburg (Eimsbuettel).
Kita Spatzennest
Bilingual day care centre, belonging to Kinderwelt Hamburg e.V. for toddlers 0-3 years old. Working together closely with kindergarten Rappelkiste nearby. Open Monday to Friday 7:00-17:30 at Anklamer Ring 58a, 22147 Hamburg (Oldenfelde).
Bilingual Kita Blankenese
Creche from 1 to 3 years, kindergarten 3 to 6 years in bilingual (English - German) day care center, by Kinderwelt Hamburg e.V., open Monday to Friday 7:00-19:00 at Schenefelder Landstrasse 1, 22587 Hamburg (Blankenese).
Kinderzimmer City Sued
Daycare centre for children 0-6 years of age, creche and elementary groups, native English speaking staff, open 7:00-19:00, at Amsinckstraße 57 (entrance via Nagelsweg 34), 20097 Hamburg (Hammerbrook)
International Kindergarten Turmweg
Bilingual kindergarten for children 2 to 6 years, open Monday to Friday 8:00-16:00 at Turmweg 35, 20148 Hamburg (Harvestehude).
Kinderzimmer Astraturm
Child care centre for toddlers and kindergarten children, native English speaking pre-school teachers, open 7:00-19:00, at Zirkusweg 2, 20359 Hamburg (St. Pauli).
Kita Brummkreisel
Bilingual kindergarten and day care centre, non-profit provider Kinderwelt; integration of disabled children, open Monday to Friday 7:30 to 17:30 at Schumannstrasse 4, 22083 Hamburg (Barmbek).
Villa Luna
Bilingual kindergarten and creche, native English speaking staff, elementary group, creche group and familiy group, Hamburg Kita voucher accepted, open 7:00 to 19:00, located near Stadtpark, at Allianz-Haus, Kapstadtring 4, 22297 Hamburg (Winterhude).
Phorms Campus Hamburg
Nursery offering day care centre (18 months and over), elementary kindergarten and preschool groups, bilingual, German-English educational institution, open from 7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. at Wendenstr. 35-43, 20097 Hamburg (Hammerbrook).
Kita Heidberg
Bilingual kindergarten by non-profit organization Kinderwelt Hamburg e.V. Creche, elementary and after school care age 1-12. English and German spoken, garden, close to natural reserve area at Anita-Sellenschloh-Ring 6, 22517 Hamburg (Langenhorn).
Kita Erdkampsweg
Kinderwelt Hamburg e.V. bilingual creche and kindergarten offering all-day and half-day places for children from 1 year to pre-school in the centre of Fuhlsbuettel at Erdkampsweg 64, 22335 Hamburg.
Kinderhaus Fleethaus
Kindergarten and creche and after school care centre, bilingual groups, offering additonal music and swimming courses, open 6:00 to 20:00 at Schellerdamm 2, 21079 Hamburg (Harburg).
Kita Tieloh
English and German bilingual Kinderwelt Hamburg e.V. kindergarten and after school care from 1,5 to 12 years, Monday to Thursday 7:00-17:30, Friday till 16:00, at Steilshooper Str. 120, 22305 Hamburg
Kita Noldering
Kinderwelt Hamburg e.V. provides this English and German bilingual creche and kindergarten with integration of disabled children. Open Monday to Friday 7:00-17:30 at Noldering 35, 22309 Hamburg (Barmbek).
Villa Vivendi
Private bilingual kindergarten, staff native English and German speakers, cook preparing fresh meals, offering care and education from 7:00 to 17:00, at Holstenstrasse 168, 22765 Hamburg (Altona-Altstadt). 22765 Hamburg
International School of Hamburg Early Childhood Centre (ECC)
Our ECC offers an internationally minded, values-driven educational experience for ages 3-5. Caring staff, small class sizes and modern facilities make it a nurturing learning environment your children will look forward to visiting every day.
Lucky Kids Crib Kids
Daycare for young children 0-3, predominantly English spoken, next to Lucky Kids and shares garden, open from 8:00-16:00, on Griffeyweg 2, 22175 Hamburg (Bramfeld).
International School of Hamburg
ISH combines the International Primary Curriculum, the IB Middle Years Program, and the IB Diploma Program to offer an internationally minded, values-driven education that flows seamlessly from kindergarten through to university entry qualification.
Kinderhaus Nienhagener Strasse
Bilingual nursery, kindergarten and after school day care centre, art and sports offers, childrens trips, open 6:00 to 19:00, at Nienhagener Strasse 156, 22147 Hamburg (Rahlstedt).
Kinderzimmer Valentinshof
Nursery school with creche and elementary kindergarten groups, staff includes native English speakers, speech and occupational therapists, open 7:00-19:00 at Caffamacherreihe 8, 20355 Hamburg (City Centre).
Kita Die kleinen Strolche
Bilingual daycare and kindergarten from 1.5 years to pre-school with outdoor area, open Monday to Thursday 7:00-17:00, Friday 7:00-16:00, Kinderwelt Hamburg e.V. institution, at Steilshooper Str. 242a, 22307 Hamburg (Barmbek).
Krippe Bumblebees
Creche and daycare for 1-3 old toddlers, founded by Kita Bullerbue e.V. (bilingual education), open Monday to Friday 7:30-17:30 on Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 33, 22085 Hamburg (Uhlenhorst).