Lawyers: Hamburg East

Christina Sebelefsky
Lawyer specialised in family law and social law with solicitors office in Wandsbek at Kattunbleiche 18, 22041 Hamburg-
Alexander Foersterling
Lawyer focusing on civil law, employment law, offering special knowledge in the field of national and international family law, at Wandsbeker Zollstrasse 5, 22041 Hamburg (Wandsbek).
Hamburg Law
Society of lawyers consultung in foreign languages (English, Arab, Farsi, Polish) and in all law fields: family, employment, inheritancy, and criminal law, at Wandsbeker Allee 68, 22041 Hamburg (Wandsbek).
Juergen Bandelow
Lawyer in one of the bigger law firms in Hamburg, specialised in familiy and employment law, at Reetwerder 23 A, 21029 Hamburg (Bergedorf).
Fazal Ahmad
Lawyer consulting in crminal law and civil law, focusing on traffic law, aliens law, law of tenancy and employment law. At Wandsbeker Marktstrasse 25, 22041 Hamburg (Wandsbek).