Lawyers: Hamburg South of Elbe

Katrin Hoerschelmann LL.M.
Lawyer in renowed law firm Schlarmann von Geyso, focusing on family law and commercial laws, consulting at Harburg office at Veritaskai 3, 21079 Hamburg.
Kanzlei HWS
Lawyer Hendrik Schwarz offering legal advice in the field of insurance law and employment law, with office in the City Centre and at Jagerfeldweg 35, 21077 Hamburg (Marmstorf).
Wanke & Rothe Rechtsanwaelte
Lawyers in joint society offering legal advice for small and medium sized companies and for individuals in all fields of law, special competence in legal matters with Switzerland, Austria and Bulgaria, at Kleiner Schippsee 3, 21073 Hamburg (Harburg).
Holger Rochow
Lawyer specialised in traffic law, and partners offering legal advice in all fields, at offices in Schwerin and Harburg, at Schlossmuehlendamm 16, 21073 Hamburg.
Dr. Tanja Jeney
In joint office with Nicola Toillie, both criminal defence lawyers, offering help in criminal, family and aliens law. At Veringstrasse 43, 21107 Hamburg (Wilhelmsburg).