Lawyers: Hamburg West

Gabriela Luensmann
Specialised lawyer in the field of family law, founder of the lawyers society "Humans and rights", focusing on problems in the care for the elderly, care-dependent, and estates, at Borselstr. 26, Hamburg (Ottensen)
Ursel Etzel
Specialist lawyer in hereditary law, consulting in all questions following bereavements, last will and testament, in case of inheritance, offering mediation at Paul-Nevermann-Platz 5, 22765 Hamburg (Altona).
Stefanie Niessen
Lawyer, all law fields, specialising in corporate and commercial law, consulting in English and German, certified translator, at Bramweg 23, 22589 Hamburg, office at Bellmannstr. 1, 22607 Hamburg (Othmarschen).
Wiebecke and Partner
Lawyers and tax advisors consulting companies and private person in all legal and tax issues. Ms. Hildebrand and Ms. Huttenlocher are lawyers specialized in taxation law, Ms. Noe is tax advisor, offices at Paul-Nevermann-Platz 5, 22765 Hamburg (Ottensen)
Lieske + Schuett
Sabine Lieske, specialist lawyer for family law, and Angela Schuett, specialist lawyer for social law, offering legal advice in solicitors office at Weidenallee 26 a, 20357 Hamburg (Eimsbuettel).
Astrid Weinreich
Specialist solicitor for family law, offering mediation, consulting in inheritance law, practising in Blankenese at Blankeneser Bahnhofstr. 29, 22587 Hamburg.
Christian Lange
Criminal law specialist lawyer, public defender, offering on-line consulting, at Mendelssohnstr. 15 F, 22761 Hamburg (Bahrenfeld).
Mediationszentrum Altona
Mediation Center offering mediation for companies, families, institutions, teams and individuals, provided by two jurists, a psychologist, a therapist and a ethnologist, mediating and helping in all kind of conflict in Altona.