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Anna E. Caldwell, J.D.
German lawyer and attorney-at-law, US degree and work experience, focusing on US corporate and business law, employment law, US litigation and US immigragion, at Neuer Wall 80, 20354 Hamburg (City Centre).
Monique Bocklage
German lawyer and solicitor of England & Wales (non-practising), consulting private persons and companies in German and UK law, enforcement of foreign titles, employment law, international contracts, at Buergerweide 41, 20535 Hamburg (Borgfelde).
IPCL Rieck & Partner
Specialist lawyer for copyright and entertainment law and intellectual property specialist, consulting in these fields at Ferdinand-Beit-Strasse 7 b, 20099 Hamburg (City Centre).
Dr. Tanja Jeney
In joint office with Nicola Toillie, both criminal defence lawyers, offering help in criminal, family and aliens law. At Veringstrasse 43, 21107 Hamburg (Wilhelmsburg).
Anwaltskanzlei Pablo S. Solar - Criminal Defense
Lawyer Pablo Solar is based in Berlin but represents clients throughout Germany as barristers and solicitors. Areas of practice: Criminal Defence (including juvenile law), Aliens and Immigration Law, Real Estate Law.
Ralf Axer LL.M.
Lawyer focusing on commercial law, offering legal services in the fields of M&A, restructing and joint ventures and US law, English website, at Auf dem Sande 1, 20457 Hamburg (City Centre).
Dr. Andrea Tiedemann
Layer in lawyers society with international focus, English website, consulting in the fields of corprate and business transactions, litigation and arbitration, in English, French, Portugues and Spanish, at Neuer Wall 71, 20354 Hamburg.
Dr. Joerg Wegner, Lawyer
Lawyers office specialised in consulting bi-national marriages and families, focus on international family law, aliens law and residence permits, at Frankenstr. 29, 20097 Hamburg (Hammerbrook).
Erika Bulut and Suekrue Bulut
Lawyers, Suekrue Bulut focusing in aliens law, representing refugees and asylum seekers, Erika Bulut offering legal advice in family, employment and social law, in English, Turkish and Kurdish language, at Adenauerallee 8, 20097 Hamburg (City Centre).
Simon und Partner
Tax Accountant and Constulant for International Tax Law, focused on British, US and Canadian fiscal law, at Kajen 12, 20459 Hamburg (City).
Dr. Carola Stenger, LL.M.
Lawyer focusing on commercial law, family and hereditary law, banking and capital market law, at law firm Glauber and partners, Rathausstr. 13, 20095 Hamburg (City Centre).
Dr. Christoph Horbach
Lawyer with international experience in lawyers society, offering legal services in the fields of shipping, company law, English law, trade marks, competition and gambling games, at Neuer Wall 54, 20354 Hamburg (City Centre).