Lawyers: Metropolitan Area

Kanzlei Brock, Mueller, Ziegenbein
Dr. Bernd Richter, specialist lawyer in taxation law, consulting in big law firm with several branches, consulting small and medium sized companies and individuals, English and Danish website, at Neuer Weg 1 a, 24568 Kaltenkirchen.
Annegret Haussner
Specialist lawyer for tenancy and ownership law, in joint office with family law specialist Matthias Kuhfeld, offering legal advice at Bergedorfer Strasse 49, 21502 Geesthacht.
Kanzlei von Zech, Johanssen & Buhr
Law firm with specialised lawyers in the field of company law, competition law, trade mark and copyright law, and offering legal advice for individuals in employment and family law, English website, at several branches, one at Bauhof 4, 23879 Moelln.
Kanzlei Sieper & Loesing
Lawyers Dr. N Loesing, U. Sieper and S. Loesing, specialised in different fields of company and private law, offering legal advice for companies, freelancers, private clients in Spanish and English, at Heinrich-Boell-Str. 38, 21335 Lueneburg.
Sozietaet Poppe
One of the biggest law firms in Schleswig-Holstein, with offices in Elmshorn and Pinneberg, offering legal advice in all law fields, especially commercial and company law, banking, building and traffic law, at Ruebekamp 14 - 16, 25421 Pinneberg.
Hans-Hinrich Stolley
Lawyer and notary, specialised in employment law, office at Hauptstrasse 17, 23879 Moelln.