Online & Distance Therapy Services

Hamburg Online Therapists & Distance Therapy Services in Hamburg.

Dr. Wolfgang Paetzold
Native English speaking psychotherapist.
Jonathan Back
Psychological Services in english for depression, anxiety, addiction, anger and various other conditions. Offers online therapy when required.
Henning von Bismarck
Services and counselling for depressions, fears, loneliness, burnout, crises and changes, conflicts and more. Also offers online services.
Dr. Uri Shefer Shalev
Experienced counsellor specialising in individual and couples therapy. Based in Hamburg.
Masayo Hori-Thiermann
English speaking counselling for individuals, couples, families and expats. Counselling is available in English, German and Japanese.
Norman Sp├Ąth
Services include couple counselling, family therapy, psychological counselling, individual therapy, coaching and mediation. Offers counselling online and in English.
Pia Klaus
Counselling and therapy for teenagers, internationals and adults. Offers online consultation. English spoken.
Sabina Riedel
Psychotherapy Counselling Sessions in english for individuals as well as couples for a variety of conditions. Also offers online sessions via skype.
Jevon Dangeli
As a Wellness Coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer, I specialise in: Stress resilience. Burnout treatment. Addiction cessation. Weight management. Healing depression. Performance issues.