Organic Food & Health Products

Denns Biomarkt Ottensen
Supermarket offering organic food, vegetables, fruit, meat, cereals, from organic production, at Ottenser Hauptstr. 39, 22765 Hamburg (Ottensen).
Denns Biomarkt Barmbek
Supermarket: Organic cereals, pasta, bread, vegetables, convenience, meat and fruit at , 22309 Hamburg, 22309 Hamburg (Barmbek).
Hof Dallmann
Offering certified raw milk from farm shop and delivering in the regions Nordheide, Harburg and Othmarschen-Blankenese. At Am Muehlenbach 5, 21255 Dohren/Nordheide.
Alnatura Super Natur Markt Altona
Organic food, bread, meat, cereals in offered in bio supermarket at Hahnenkamp 1, (railway station Altona), 22765 Hamburg.
Alnatura Super Natur Markt Ottensen
Supermarket offering organic food stuff, regional products, organic cosmetics, vegetables and fruit at Bahrenfelder Str. 242 - 244, 22765 Hamburg (Ottensen).
Hof Dannwisch
Organic farm, manufacturing and selling cheese in shop, open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday morning, at Dannwisch 1, 25358 Horst.
Denns Biomarkt Altona
Supermarket specializing in organic food and non-food, at Grosse Bergstrasse 152-162, 22767 Hamburg (Altona).
Denns Biomarkt Schanzenviertel
Organic supermarket: Fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, food stuff, cosmetics at Schanzenstr. 119, 20357 Hamburg (Schanze).
Hofladen am Stueffel
Farm shop and garden center, organic products, open 8:00-18:00, Saturday till 13:00 at Stueffel 12, 22395 Hamburg (Bergstedt).
Alnatura Super Natur Markt Rissen
Supermarket offering organic food, drugs and cosmetics, at Am Rissener Bahnhof 23, 22559 Hamburg (Rissen).
Alnatura Super Natur Markt Rotherbaum
Organic food supermarket near University at Grindelallee 7, 20146 Hamburg (Rotherbaum).
Gaertnerei Thomas Sannmann
Market garden and organic producer offering rare vegetables, regional lettuces, tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers, on organic local markets in Blankenese and St. Georg and in local shop at Ochsenwerder Landstrasse 153, 21037 Hamburg (Marschlande).
Alnatura Super Natur Markt Wandsbek
Organic food supermarket, offering food stuff, fresh vegetables and fruit, bread and cosmetics at Wandsbeker Marktstrasse 2, 22041 Hamburg (Wandsbek).
Behnckens Vierlaender Hofladen
Farm shop in Vierlande region, organic farm, regional vegetables and fruits, wholesale, at Suederquerweg 226, 21037 Hamburg (Bergedorf).
Der Geniessermarkt
Neighbourhood Market every Saturday, presenting homemade food, organic products, handicraft and textiles, open 9:30-14:30 at Fabrik, Barnerstrasse 36 22765 Hamburg (Ottensen).
Denns Biomarkt Rotherbaum
Organic food and non food supermarket at Rentzelstrasse 36-48, 20146 Hamburg (Rotherbaum).
Alnatura Super Natur Markt Eppendorf
Supermarket specializing on organic food stuff and cosmetics at Hoheluftchaussee 18, 20253 Hamburg (Eppendorf).
Denns Biomarkt Elmshorn
Organic Supermarket offering fresh vegetables, fruit and meat, organic foodstuff, at Kurt-Wagener-Str. 4, 25337 Elmshorn.