Plant Hire & Equipment Rental

Dubick & Stehr Baumaschinen
Building machinery company, selling machines and renting car trailers, compressed air equipment, wacker plates, power saws, cranes, batch mixers and scaffolds at Liebigstrasse 30, 22113 Hamburg (Billbrook).
Mietmaschinen Plehnert
Machine rental company providing grinders for wood planks and parquet floor for rent and all equipment for renovating floors, twice in Schleswigholstein and three offices in Hamburg, one at Osterstrasse 52, 20255 Hamburg (Eppendorf).
Parquet seller renting parquet grinders for business and do-it-yourself, great choice of manufacturers, and accessoires, paints, varnishes and tools, at Steilshooper Allee 49, 22309 Hamburg (Steilshoop).
HKL Baumaschinen Center West
Machine rental company with branches all over Germany, offering building machinery and construction vehicles, website partly English, at Rondenbarg 20, 22525 Hamburg (Stellingen).
Boels Rental
Construction machinery rental chain several branches in the north, one in Eidelstedt, focusing on construction, offering diggers, wheel loaders, payloaders, compactors and fork lifters, at Holsteiner Chaussee 49, 22523 Hamburg.