Printing & Stationery

Druckerei in St. Pauli
Printing shop located in the centre of St. Pauli, manufacturing postcards, flyer, poster, fanfold handouts, portfolios, calendars, brochures and more, in consultation with the customer, at Grosse Freiheit 70, 22767 Hamburg.
Hilmar Bee Graphischer Betrieb
Printing shop offering data preparation, printing, also with special paints and on various fabrics, digital print, cutting and creasing as well as mail logistics. At Wandalenweg 24, 20097 Hamburg (City Centre).
Printing shop, empoying handicapped people, offering offset, dabber printing, laser printing, and cutting, creasing and dispatching stationary, at Wiesendamm 22 a, 22305 Hamburg (Barmbek).
Compact Media Agentur
Printing company, also offering composition, design and bookbinding, printing letters, magazines, catalogues, newspapers, flyers, vouchers, posters, placards, banner, books, forms, invoices, packages and calendars, at Ferdinandstr. 29.33, 20095 Hamburg.