Roofers & Roofing Contractors

Dachdeckermeister Garling
Master roofer Matthias Garling and team, offering rainproof roofing, insulation, carpentery and emergency help, at Auf dem Koenigslande 100 22047 Hamburg (Wandsbek).
Manfred A. Riecken GmbH
Roofing company focusing on flat roofs, and structural work, at Kollaustrasse 70, 22529 Hamburg (Lokstedt).
D.H.W. Schultz & Sohn
Long established construction plumber workshop, specialising in metal and slate roofing and facade cladding, at Randstrasse 3-5, 22525 Hamburg (Stellingen).
Dachdeckerei Broeker
Roofing contractor offering carpentry, green roofing, solar installation, facade cladding, chimney restoration, and roofs of all types, at Ahrensburger Str. 178, 22045 Hamburg (Tonndorf).
Schreiber Dach
Roofing and carpentry master shop, specialising in timber structure, drywall installation, wooden framework, and all roofing works, hotline for storm damages, at Rahlstedter Weg 125, 22147 Hamburg (Rahlstedt).