Support Groups

Hamburger Stiftung für politisch Verfolgte
The Hamburg Foundation for the Politically Persecuted is a NGO inviting politically persecuted people to Hamburg for one year, providing support and contacts, organising cultural and political events and campaigns, website in English.
Non-profit organisation offering counselling and assisting people who have fallen victim to relationship violence. English spoken.
Narcotics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous (NA) offers English-speaking advice on dependencies and addiction, regular international meeting in English language on Saturday 18:00-19:00, at Kodrobs Altona, Hohenesch 13, 22765 Hamburg (Altona).
Women's refuge and emergency shelter
Five women's refuges in Hamburg offering shelter and support for women and their children. Address is not published, after calling a meeting point will be arranged, where you will be picked up. House 1 & 3: call 040 19702, House 2: 040 19710, House 4:...
Why not? The international social welfare cafe
Cafe, (legal) consulting, counselling and German courses for migrants and refugees at Community projects founded by free evangelical church foundation, in English, French and Spanish, at Marktstrasse 55, 20357 Hamburg (St. Pauli).
Alzheimer Gesellschaft e.V.
Association dedicated to the support and representation of Alzheimers disease and dementia patients and their families at Wandsbeker Allee 68, 22041 Hamburg (Wandsbek).
Elternschule Jenfeld
Public advice center offering counselling in family, pregnancy and birth matters, education, financial counselling, open group on Thursday afternoon, support groups, at Rodigallee 233, 22043 Hamburg (Jenfeld).
Kodrobs Wilhelmsburg
Drug-counselling service and information center for persons at risk for addiction and relatives, in English language, for adolescents and adults. Open 9:00-18:00, Wednesdays closed
Family Planning Centre Hamburg
Centre offering counselling in all aspects of contraception, sexual education, pregnany, abortion counselling as required under German law. English website. At Bei der Johanniskirche 20, 22767 Hamburg (Altona).
The Royal British Legion - Bergen-Hohne Branch e.V.
UK armed forces charity and membership organisation, providing support to all members of the British Armed forces, membership open to everyone, local branch at Shed E, Von Steuben Strasse, 29303 Bergen open Friday from 20:00 to 0:00.
Kodrobs Altona
Drug-counselling service in Altona and Ottensen in English language, anonymous and conficential, information for persons at risk and relatives, at Hohenesch13-17, 22765 Hamburg. Open 10:00-19:00, closed on Wednesdays.
Unternehmer ohne Grenzen e.V.
"Entrepreneurs Without Frontiers" is a network of entrepreneurs of various nationalities and branches, focusing on projects supporting and qualifying start-ups, as well as education and vocational training projects, at Neuer Kamp 30, 20357 Hamburg.
Elternschule Hohenhorst/Rahlstedt
Public advice center offering counselling in family, pregnancy and birth matters, education, financial counselling, open groups, support groups, many languages spoken, at Schoneberger Str 44 (Haus am See), 22149 Hamburg(Rahlstedt), Mondays 15:00-17:00
Verband binationaler Familien und Partnerschaften
Association for bi-national families and couples, offering counselling, meetings and workshops, psychological consulting service, call Monday 14:00-16:00, Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-12:00 for general information, at Eidelstedter Weg 64, 20255 Hamburg.
Arbeit und Leben Hamburg e.V. Educational Institute
Mobile consulting team against racism, antisemitism and rightwing extremism, offering help and support for teachers, parents, at Bildungswerk Hamburg, Besenbinderhof 60, 20097 Hamburg.
BeSI – Beratungszentrum Soziales & Internationales
Students Counselling Centre for Social and International Questions, counsel in English language available, information desk at Schlueterstr. 7 (Entrance E), 20146 Hamburg, open consultation Monday and Thursday 10:00-12:00, Tuesday and Friday 12:00-14:0
Mediationszentrum Altona
Mediation Center offering mediation for companies, families, institutions, teams and individuals.
Central Refugee Information and Support Centre organised by non-profit organisations, offers support to refugees and people without residence status in English and other languages, at Adenauerallee 10, 20097 Hamburg (City Centre).
magnus hirschfeld centrum
Gay and lesbian counselling institution, offering help iin these issues: coming out, relationships, stress situations, youth counselling, and advice for violence victims, at Borgweg 8, 22303 Hamburg.
MiMi Hamburg
Mediators with migration background supporting persons seeking help in understanding the German health system, providing health information, translation services and consulting in many languages, at Werkstatt Drei, Nernstweg 32, 22765 Hamburg.
Parents Centre (Eltern-Kind-Zentrum) Oldenfelde
Contact and help for parents and their (young) children. Sharing experiences, breakfast, parenting courses, free German lessons. Coffee shop open Monday to Thursday 9:00-12:00 at Hermann-Balk-Str. 47, 22147 Hamburg
KISS Hamburg
Contact and Information Center for Self-help groups, providing detailed information about current self-help groups of various fields of interest, and advice for those interested in setting up a self-help group. One at Gaussstrasse 21, 22765 Hamburg.
Kodrobs Bergedorf
Drug-concelling service, in English upon consultation, information for adolescents, adults and relatives of personas at risk for addiction, open 9:00-17:00, Thursday 21:00, Wednesday closed.
Sucht Hamburg
Hamburg State Institute providing information events concerning addiction and drug prevention for immigrants and expert couselliung in English language. Motto: Easing the worries of children and their parents. At Repsoldstr. 4, 20097 Hamburg.
Non profit association for intercultural communication and education offering consultation for migrants, supporting neighbourhood participation and self-organization, one of five centres at Hospitalstrasse 109, 22767 Hamburg (Altona).
Hamburg Power Speakers
Impoving ones english speaking, presentation and leadership skills, educational training programme, guests welcome every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm at Cafe Sternchance in Schroederstiftstr. 7, 20146 Hamburg.
Elternschule Steilshoop
Public advice center offering help around the family: counselling pregnancy and birth matters, education, financial counselling, open groups, support groups, many languages spoken, at Gropiusring 43, 22309 Hamburg (Steilshoop).
Von Anfang an
Non-profit organization offering counselling and emergency support for families with babies and small children 0-3, training programmes, help and information, in various neighbourhoods and at central office at Dorotheenstr. 103, 22301 Hamburg.
Evangelische Studentengemeinde ESG
Protestant Students Community at Grindelallee 43. Consults international students in social or financial situations. Consulting about immigration, jobs, finances, grants, accomodation at Dorothee-Soelle-Haus, Koenigstr. 54, 22767 Hamburg (Altona).
In Via Pour Femmes
Association offering conselling, integration support, health and language backing for women from Africa, in English, French and German, at Kuechengarten 19, 20255 Hamburg.
Hamburger Krebsgesellschaft
Hamburg Cancer association, offering independent psychological and social conselling for cancer patients at Butenfeld 18, 22529 Hamburg (Eppendorf near UKE).
Alcoholics Anonymous
There are several weekly meetings in English. List of open and closed meetings, in Hamburg and in the area, in German and in English on-line. If no meeting available, please call number below, for more advice.
Intervention e.V.
Lesbian association, providing groups, rooms, exchange, information and consulting for lesbian residents in and around Hamburg, special offers for young women. At Glashuettenstrasse 2, 20357 Hamburg,
Aids-Hilfe Hamburg
Aids support association offering services in English and other languages (on request), social, medical and psychological counselling for aids patients and their families, at Lange Reihe 30-32, 20099 Hamburg (St. Georg).