Water Sports, Diving & Scuba

Der Hamburger und Germania Ruder Club
Oldest rowing association in Hamburg and in Germany, founded 1836, boat house at Alsterufer 21, 20354 Hamburg (City Centre).
Diving school offering courses, pool scuba diving, excursions and diving travels in Hamburg and area, at Dorfstr. 22, 24259 Westensee.
Alster-Ruderverein "Hanseat"
Alster rowing club "Hanseat" of 1925, boat house at Kaemmererufer 30, 22303 Hamburg (Winterhude).
Tauchen Hamburg
Diving shop in Hamburg, offering professional scuba diving equipment for sale and for rent, repair shop, and diving courses at Barmbeker Str. 153, 22299 Hamburg.
Biller Ruder-Club
Rowing club on the Bille, boat house on the island Billerwerder Insel at Strand Weg West 95a, 20539 Hamburg (Hamm-Sued).
Landesruderverband Hamburg AAC/NRB
Hamburg Rowing Association, organising important sports events in Allermoehe, providing information about clubs, high performance sports, youth, rowing for everybody, at Allermoeher Deich 36, 21037Hamburg.