Windows, Shutters & Glazing

Glaserei im Alstertal
Glaziers workshop, manufacturing, repairing, cutting and selling glasses for all purposes, at Poppenbuetteler Bogen 35, 22399 Hamburg (Poppenbuettel).
Nord Glas
Association of 6 glazier master workshops in Hamburg, offering emergency service in all neighbourhoods, one of them is glaziers shop Peter Hansen at Hammerbrookstrasse 7, 20097 Hamburg (City Centre).
F. Breiter
Constructional glazier and repair shop, offering glass and mirror works, isolation and double glazing, windows and doors, at Ruhrstrasse 158, 22761 Hamburg (Bahrenfeld).
Glaeserei Jorg Retzlaff
Glaziers workshop repairing and manufacturing glasses, windows and doors, burglary protection, shutters and awnings, 24 hour emergency service number, at Schiffbeker Weg 96, 22119 Hamburg (Billstedt).