Australian Psychologist - Jonathan Back

Immigration and living abroad can be challenging. At times, stress, conflicts, depression and anxiety can feel even more exaggerated. I am an Australian psychologist living in Hamburg, assisting people and families to work through difficult times.

My aim is to walk with clients, facilitating an understanding of what causes them to struggle in life. I draw primarily on mindfulness-based methods, that provide new perspectives and strategies to enhance well-being.

With experience in both inpatient hospital settings and private practice, I work with my clients to address:

Anxious feelings, culture shock, feeling disconnected from yourself, self-esteem and confidence, depressive mood, addiction and recovery, anger management, work/life balance, relationship issues, grief and loss, communication, family issues, and compulsive thinking.

If you are feeling stuck or need support, please remember – you are not alone and there is help out there.

For more information please visit my website:

For confidential enquiries, I am available on +49 (0)178 138 5320 or [email protected].