Phorms Campus Hamburg

Nursery school offering day care centre (18 months and over), elementary kindergarten and pre-school groups, bilingual, German-English educational institution, open 7:00 to 19:00 at Wendenstr. 35-43, 20097 Hamburg (Hammerbrook).

Nursery School

We envision the Phorms Campus Hamburg as place of learning with a particular focus on children’s needs and parents’ wishes.

Our day care centre accommodates ten children aged 18 months and over, 50 children aged three to five and 60 children of pre-school age. We also offer before and after school care for children who attend our school.

For infants and three to five year old children, we provide supervision in groups of mixed ages under the care of qualified female and male educators who speak both German and English.

Pre-school children learn together with children of the same age in one of two groups – our “Reception Classes” – consisting of 20 children per group. In these classes too, teams of English and German native speaking educators work together. To prepare the children for their first school year, we ensure that they are already exposed to English during the pre-school stage. One of the educators in each team speaks in English only, so that the children learn English in an everyday context.


Our work depends on qualified, motivated and experienced staff. We employ German and English native speakers with a wide spectrum of educational backgrounds and experience, particularly in the field of bilingual education.  

Our female and male educators are specialised in English and also in specific subjects according to the recommendations for education in Hamburg. These subjects are spread out throughout the week and the children are divided into fixed groups to study them.


Our day care centre is designed according to the principle of experiential learning spaces. The children have access to a variety of materials and can select from a wide range of options. Our experiential learning spaces are divided into functional spaces.


Language plays a key role in our educational concept. As a bilingual, German-English educational institution, we emphasise the importance of both German and English.   

The children learn both languages according to the immersion method (also known as “Sprachbad” – language bath – in German). Following this method, each educator of native-speaking level speaks exclusively in either German or English. In this way, the children learn both languages in natural contexts.

Contact and Admissions

Ms Sylvia Lehnhof

Office hours Monday to Friday 9:00 to 16:00

Open House Day and Information Events

Come and join us on our Open House Day or one of our regular info mornings! For details please have a look at our eventcalendar