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i just ordered a full SKY package for £30... 0 Entertainment
i just ordered a full SKY package for £30 p/monthHere in France, it was so easy and the company seem very helpfuli
started by: dave -batty-878423 · last update: 1479645901 · posted: 1479645901
Fish and Chip Vendor Needed 0 Food & Drink
We are looking for a mobile Fish and Chip vendor for ourCarboot Sale on Sunday 25 September 2016 in Paderborn-Senne
started by: dusty362 · last update: 1472759656 · posted: 1472759656
Caribbean Night Bad-Fallingbostel 0 Entertainment
Caribbean Night Bad-Fallingbostel Royal British LegionSaturday 20 August 2016. For info contact Pauline on 051
started by: dusty362 · last update: 1468526716 · posted: 1468526716
Apartments to rent with a cat 0 Pets & Animals
My partner and I are relocating to Hamburg  We are looking for an apartment 1 or 2 bedrooms where we can live
started by: Sheila-Riley-852634 · last update: 1458053123 · posted: 1458053123
New Site 1 General
Good or bad, we are glad to know what you think about the new site. We're still hammering away in the background an
started by: Birgit-873894 · last update: 1457903036 · posted: 1457787765
Fish & Chips 3 Food & Drink
Was just wondering if anyone had found a fish & chip shop (with a northern / Scottish twist preferably) anywher
started by: Placebo · last update: 1456751924 · posted: 1454071361
Dog Sitter Wanted 1 Pets & Animals
I am looking for a dog sitter who takes dogs into their own home, walks them regularly as I have two working dogs t
started by: Bobby-10068520 · last update: 1456751305 · posted: 1455833366
We want to adopt a dog 0 Pets & Animals
Looking to adopt a dog and prefer to go to one of the animal charities rather than buy a puppy. Any recommendations
started by: Paddy-10068517 · last update: 1456522528 · posted: 1456522528
Batman v Superman on in English? 0 Families & Kids
I want to take my kids to the Batman v Superman film. Is it on anywhere in English? 
started by: Bridie-10068514 · last update: 1456415835 · posted: 1456415835
Bar recommendations to watch 6 Nations this... 0 Sport & Leisure
Can anyone recommend a bar in Hamburg to watch the 6 Nations games this weekend?
started by: Celticwarrior-10068519 · last update: 1456334076 · posted: 1456334076
Hoverboard question 0 Sport & Leisure
Has anyone purchased a hoverboard in Germany? We want to buy one for our children but cannot decide whether to buy
started by: Panicky Ann-10068553 · last update: 1456265882 · posted: 1456265882
Looking for a childrens ballet class 0 Families & Kids
Can anyone recommend a good childrens ballet class / dance school. German or English spoken is fine for age 4 to 8
started by: Valsvals-10068394 · last update: 1456177252 · posted: 1456177252
Travel Insurer recommendations 0 Sport & Leisure
Looking for links to good Travel Insurance Company that will cover my husband and I for pre-existing medical condit
started by: Almondnut-10068554 · last update: 1455919388 · posted: 1455919388
Looking for an open mic night in Hamburg 0 Sport & Leisure
I play alto sax and I am looking for either an open mic night where I can meet like minded musicians for a jam toge
started by: Saxmad-10068551 · last update: 1455746646 · posted: 1455746646
How do I register to vote in the UK referendum... 0 Financial & Legal
Can anyone tell me how to go about registering to vote in the UK for the forthcoming EU referendum? Are there any e
started by: Andres-10068518 · last update: 1455644645 · posted: 1455644645
looking for new Frends for my Kids 0 Families & Kids
I , a German native 'm looking for children to get an English speaker for afternoon games to the English language m
started by: Koehler · last update: 1455629848 · posted: 1455629848
Ferries 6 General
Do ferries run from Hamburg to Denmark and to the UK from Hamburg?
started by: Hank D R · last update: 1455544248 · posted: 1450452779
Holiday rental websites 4 General
Could I ask the opinion of the readers which they think would be the best place to advertise an apartment for short
started by: Malcolm-903619 · last update: 1455544183 · posted: 1455012119
Horseradish 2 Food & Drink
Anyone know where I can buy a jar of horseradish sauce?
started by: OverlordNick · last update: 1455543933 · posted: 1454923336
Falling pound value 8 Financial & Legal
Can anyone tell me why the pound is floundering around at the €1.30 mark when it was at €1.43 not long ag
started by: Kartoffelkopf · last update: 1455543877 · posted: 1453239858