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Hello there,   I really found the information on your website very useful.  I am currently on a study/research assignment here in Germany and I intend to buy  a used car that I can use while here for my research assignment.  However, I also intend to ship the car home to Africa after my studies in Frankfurt.   But as a woman and a new comer, I really do not know how the system works here in terms of : 1. how to get a good use car at a good price (some people are of the opinion that buying off a car from a private owner is cheaper than from a car dealer)   2. secondly people have advised me to buy a car at Hamburg since it is closer to the sea port and will facilitate easy shipping of the vehicle after purchase   3. How much does shipping /exporting a used car cost? and can the shipping price be reduced if one is shipping more than one used car?   4. Secondly I would appreciate if you can put me in contact with any car dealer in Hamburg who can offer a good price for either an Audi 2007 A4 or a Mercedes Benz   Could you please provide me with details on how exporting used cars work here in Germany in terms of waivers of VAT and duties?  


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Hi, there's a Second hand car market every Saturday on central market venue in Hammerbrook, you can find the details here on angloinfo. This should give you a good overview, mostly private car sellers. Take a friend or colleague with you, perhaps you know somebody with experience buying a car in Germany? A dar dealer on the other hand might give you a guarantee. About exporting: There are several car exporters in Hamburg, I'm sure they can give you details.

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hello there and many thanks for your helpful tips.  I would like to ask if you do have ideas about prvate car dellers. Others have also commented on the issue of guarantee as a major concern with private car dealers.  does it mean I cannot get a fairly good second hand car from a privare car owner at an affordable price?


Secondly , please where is Hammerbrook and is it  a distance that I can make in a day from Frankfurt? Finally, between Hamburg and Bremerhaven which would you recommend in terms of getting  a wide range of choices and ease of shipping.


With kind regards

ritchiehamburg 1379496535

They have a private car market in Frankfurt, too, have a look here Every Saturday. Good thing is, you see who the seller is. About shipping, perhaps somebody else has some knowledge? I don't know Bremerhaven at all.

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Most grateful.  Viele danke


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Hello there. Please could you give me the exact location / address where these used cars are sold in Frankfurt.  I live close to  the Hauptbahnhof.



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Hi the address I found online is Autokino Frankfurt-Gravenbruch, 63263 Neu-Isenburg - I've never been there myself, I hope you can find it!

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