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I have bought my own tyres / tires for my car and wonderd if anyone has any experience of approaching a garage to have them fitted?

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Can I buy and ride a 125 or 250cc bike here in Germany with a UK license? Do I need to have a German one?

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Are there any toll roads in Hamburg? I've never seen on in Germany so wondered if they existed...

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What do people use to get the awful squashed flies off the front of the car and wing mirrors. I scrub and scrub but still can't get all of the remnants off. Is there a potion that you can buy to do the job easily??

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Is there such a thing as an electric bike (moped type of thing) that is substatial enough to carry two people?

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Is there a financial benefit of trading in an old car for a new one?

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Is there an English-speaking agent that I can contact in order to speak about renting an underground parking space? Do they have monthly spaces for rent?

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Having read Jenn's blog about getting a driving licence in Germany if yours is a non-EU type, I was wondering if there is a book that is available in English to aid with the passing of the bewildering theory test?

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Is it possible to rent a camper van in the area for a month? I'm exploring the possibility for our summer vacation.

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Is there a company that allows you to hire a super car like a Porsche, Lambourghini, Ferrari for a day or half a day? It's for my better half as he would love to drive one of those down the autobahn.

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Where do you biy car seat covers from in Germany? I want fitted ones that don't prevent the side airbag deploying?

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It's coming up to that time of year when our car need its annual service. Does anyone have the contact details of an English-speaking car mechanic in the city please?

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Where would I buy a steering wheel cover in Hamburg? Ideally I want a leather one rather than a plastic one.

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Bonjour mes amies, guten tag from Brittany France Long story but I have just purchased a motorhome from a couple from New Zealand who bought it off someone in the UK who originaly had it imported to the UK from Germany,  So it is currently on UK plates and I am in the process of getting the certificate of conformity to register the motorhome to my address in France, and the V5 does not have the engine number on the UK registration papers (apperently quite common amongst imported vehicles) My question is can I request a copy of the original registration document from somewhere in Germany, I only have the number which I found on some repair bill. and if so could someone kindly point me in the right direction who to contact , phone numbers or web addresses would be great merci!

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Having pretty much ruined an alloy wheel on my Volkswagen Golf over the weekend, I was wondering if there is a place to buy secnd hand re-conditioned ones? Anyone have any contacts?

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Can anyone explain the Drive Now project to me? I've been through the website but I'm not entirely sure what it offers.

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How do you go about getting a tow bar fitted to the back of an Audi A4? Is it an easy procedure or are there lots of hoops to jump through?

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Where can I buy beam deflectors here for driving a LHD car in the UK?

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In the UK there is Autotrader, what is the equivalent online car sales website here in Germany? Or is there a website specifically for cars for sale in Hamburg?

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