Finding out original registration details from Germany

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Bonjour mes amies, guten tag from Brittany France Long story but I have just purchased a motorhome from a couple from New Zealand who bought it off someone in the UK who originaly had it imported to the UK from Germany,  So it is currently on UK plates and I am in the process of getting the certificate of conformity to register the motorhome to my address in France, and the V5 does not have the engine number on the UK registration papers (apperently quite common amongst imported vehicles) My question is can I request a copy of the original registration document from somewhere in Germany, I only have the number which I found on some repair bill. and if so could someone kindly point me in the right direction who to contact , phone numbers or web addresses would be great merci!


Placebo 1414516731

What make is it? Volkswagen?

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