Journey to Copenhagen

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Has anyone driven to Copenhagen without taking the boat (boats aren't my thing)? Is there tolls and approximately how long did it take you? Need stops?


Susan-873734 1406127097

Hi OverlordNick, there's a brigde over the Great Belt, so you can travel from Hamburg to Copenhagen via A7 and E20 and cross the bridge, I heard it is quite spectacular. The more direct way is via the Island Fehmarn: There is a ferry between Fehmarn and the  Danish Island Rodby that takes only 45 minutes. But since you don't like boats ...

Placebo 1406129259

If you go the bridge route, you're going the very long way round. It's probably another 100 kms easily and yes, there would be tolls. Not sure how much though.

OverlordNick 1406932428

Many thanks to both of you for your input and advice. I'm going to plot my route via Google Maps and see if that gives me a toll charge.

Placebo 1407147813

I use Via Michelin for trips (especially long ones). Here's the link for your proposed trip


Placebo 1407147934

You need to click on the E20 route

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