Tips for squashed flies

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Kat kit



What do people use to get the awful squashed flies off the front of the car and wing mirrors. I scrub and scrub but still can't get all of the remnants off. Is there a potion that you can buy to do the job easily??


Virmouth 1444389134

Is there not a spray or something at ATU that you can use to get them off?

I used to dread getting tar on my paintwork in the UK.

AllyPallyMally 1444639757

Hubby uses baby wipes!

In fact, we use baby wipes for most removal of stubborn stains. After the birth our youngest we found out just what amazing properties they have.

SuzyInGer 1444727139

Yes baby wipes are amazing at getting stains off of clothes. I learned that lesson years ago.

They leave smears on mirrors and polished surfaces though so you may have to buff them out if you use them on a car.

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