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Driving through a restricted speed area we both thought there was a flash behind us. My husband acknowledged he was probably driving over the speed limit so we think we've been caught speeding. Wha fine can we expect and what's the consequence with regards to the licence?

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Is there a car auction anywhere in Hamburg? Looking at getting a second hand BMW for a knock down price. Any chances do you think?

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I have noticed rows of identical bikes locked up at in special bays outside places such as train stations. I presume they are rental or bike-share bikes. How do you actually get to use one? Cheers Mel

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Greatly appreciate effective info on cantact details for buying a new VW in Hamburg for touring and eventuall exporting back to Australia. Who do I contact for more details?

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If I bring a UK reg car to Germany, is it possible to insure it with a German insurance company or will I need to re-regiester the car on German plates? This is confusing for me. Some people have said yes, some no. One English insurance co said they'd insure me but they're the onlyones so far so I'm a bit hesitant. thx

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hi i am intending to buy a citroen c-crosser reg  HB IR 399 from bremen vin vf7vu4hk8bz900864 lovely man but all too easy where can i check it is all ok many thanks sarah

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Hi Advice please on registering & getting temporary insurance + export plates on a used vehicle !1987) in Cologne for export back to the UK? Procedure? Office location + name? Where would I get temporary insurance (1 week) Cost? Many thanks.

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We were recently asked by a user if you can change your car insurance and save money. You can change, but usually only once a year. Most contracts end on December 31 and can be cancelled until November 30. You can find information about cancellation in our information pages. To get an overview of different tariffs go to one of many portals, e.g. Verivox.

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Do you know if I can rent a car with a non EU license? Thanks Ken

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You can cancel your vehicle insurance policy by November, 30. It may be worthwhile to compare insurance tariffs and eventually change.

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Could do with a bit of advice on registering my UK registered car. MOT is about to expire and as I've recently (ish) moved to Hamburg I need to register it here. Can I register it on the current MOT before it expires or do I need to get the Germany jobby done? Not clear on this so any advice gratefully accepted. Ta

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Is it true it is illegal to wash your car outside of your house here in Germany? I was washing my car last week and my neighbour told me I wasn't allowed to. S.

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Any recommendations for a motorbike school that does lessons in English? I am particularly interested in a fast track course - anybody know if they are available in Hamburg? Thanks. J.

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