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hello everyone,  so we moved to Hamburg - Niendorf area. Anyone nearby to meet? We have 2 boys (9&5) and they would like to have some friends to play with. Also, can anyone recommend a family doctor nearby preferably who speaks English? Thanks!

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Hello, We are about to move to Hamburg, with kids (10 & 6), and looiking for property to rent  - please recommend safe and family oriented areas with good integration schools to shortlist our search...THANKS

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Are there big events for children in the city over Christmas? We've having family over this year with two children aged 5 and 9 and would appreciate pointers towards suitable entertainment.

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Hi, I hope someone can help with some suggestions!  We are coming to Hamburg in August for a holiday. My 6 year old (billingual English / French ) is interested in meeting some local children and learning a bit of German language.   I don't want him cooped up in the classroom reading a text book the whole time - I'm hoping to find something fun maybe involving sports or games. if anyone has any ideas / advice I would really appreciate it, thanks, Rosie 

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When do the kids break up for summer?

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I saw the announcement on the Ai homepage that the children in Hamburg will be getting their school reports soon - and that there is a reports Helpline available for teachers and parents. This sounds a little unusual - it certainly doesn't exist in England! What kind of a helpline is it? What are they helping with? Is it a sort of counselling line if they get bad reports?

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Is there an international school in Hamburg (either British or US)?

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Is there an agency in the area that provides home help / au pair / nanny services for Mums?

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Dear all, I am going to order some personalised dummies. They are really cute and unique, which can be of great advantage when your little one is in day care with others who also bring their dummies. If anyone wants to join in order to save postal charges and possibly get some discount please contact me. You can check the shop before : http://namensschnuller.de/shop.aspx      

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Is home schooling acceptable here or is education in a school compulsory?

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We would like to visit a real castle (two boys 6 and 8), museum, old weapons and so on. Any ideas?

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What's your experience with "Kinderkrippe"? Do they care well for the very small? Do you prefer mixed groups or creche groups? Please help, my baby is 6 months now and I am not sure if she will feel okay in a creche anytime soon.

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A friend of mine is looking for marriage conselling. Do you know who is offering this in Hamburg?

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does anyone know of a venue where a mom can take her kids to "trick or treat" for Halloween?

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Hi, my daughter is 5 and a half now, if I move over, how long in advance do I have to apply to get a place in school (it starts in the age of 6, right?)?  Thanks for feedback. Ian 

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