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Can anyone tell me how to go about registering to vote in the UK for the forthcoming EU referendum? Are there any eligibility rules to satisfy?

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Can anyone tell me why the pound is floundering around at the €1.30 mark when it was at €1.43 not long ago!?

started by: Dimaria · last update: 1452100199 · posted: 1443040352

Good or bad idea at the moment?

started by: OverlordNick · last update: 1448048230 · posted: 1447458794

Cheap travel insurance providers please? Anyone got any tips?

started by: Yulia-958930 · last update: 1441616784 · posted: 1441372687

What is the equivalent of council tax in Germany (refuse collection etc?). How is it paid?

started by: Alfred-913267 · last update: 1440080682 · posted: 1436174678

Does anyone have a UK bank account and are resident in Germany?

started by: Placebo · last update: 1439202737 · posted: 1438779388

Can you fly these in the city? I must admit to never seeing any and I thought they phenomenon would have taken off by now. (Pun intended!) :0)

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Is there an a ccountancy firm that has a good grasp of US taxes please? Really appreciate a recommendation.

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In the process of moving. Can I expect my rental deposit back and will it be paid in cash?

started by: Alfred-913267 · last update: 1437474690 · posted: 1436174574

Waht does the No vote mean for Greece, Germany and Europe? Are you worried?

started by: Placebo · last update: 1432643612 · posted: 1432217980

Are there any banks with English-speaking bank managers please? Do you speak German with yours? Also, can you recommend your bank?

started by: Old Shep · last update: 1432121913 · posted: 1431938152

What do you do when you move to Germany as a foreigner? Do you have to get a identification number or anything like that please?

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Is pepper spray legal in Germany (for protection purposes)?

started by: Kat kit · last update: 1423738564 · posted: 1423693723

Can you move to Germany and immediately claim 'job seeker's allowance' / unemployment benefit?

started by: OverlordNick · last update: 1421158954 · posted: 1420632772

Can anyone explain Church Tax to me please? Am I paying it or not? How do I find out if I am? I don't go to church, does this make a difference?

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Is this legal to possess in Germany?

started by: Virmouth · last update: 1416310663 · posted: 1415962365

I see that the German economy has just avoided another recession and only grew by 0.1% in the last quarter compared to 0.3% in France! Is there anything to be worried about?

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What are the inheritance laws in Germany. If we buy a place here and then leave it, and a place in the UK to our sons, what tax do they have to pay? Any links or quick answers to this question?

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If I wanted to start selling products to the rest of Europe through an ebay shop here in Germany, would I need to be registered as self-employed? Anyone know?

started by: Virmouth · last update: 1402478062 · posted: 1401879066

Is there a standard of German language competance that you must acheive in order for a company to consider employing you here? Is there like, an official certification or anything like that? Thanks in advance.

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