Falling pound value

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Can anyone tell me why the pound is floundering around at the €1.30 mark when it was at €1.43 not long ago!?


Trev1-966477 1453302321

Mainly because of the UKs reluctance to raise interest rates I think.


Masqueeso 1453466438

And weak forecasts. Even though the economy is growing, inflation is too low apparently.

Mr Osbourne said that 2016 is going to be a tricky year for the UK.

OverlordNick 1453713755

That might be the case with the USA. Fine, I can accept that, but I'd rather be on the position of the UK than in the postiton of Europe! Why is it losing value against the Euro!?

Kartoffelkopf 1453816407

Interesting points here. Thanks.

I wonder if the impending Brexit has got anything to do with it?

Prifercer 1453909796

Personally speaking I still think it's too strong against the Euro. 1.32 is quite a good exchange rate all things considered.

Trev1-966477 1454010502

The Pound is a very insignificant currency on the world market in he grand scheme of things. If the UK rates are low why would anyone want to hold its currency?

Placebo 1454071283

Because it an manage it's own economy in a way no other Eurozone country can, perhaps?

Kartoffelkopf 1455543877

thanks for the insights everybody. Some interesting opions. It seems to have stabilised at around 1.29 now but considering the billions wiped off the Europe markets the last week or so, I'm still surprised its that low.

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