Greek vote

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Waht does the No vote mean for Greece, Germany and Europe? Are you worried?


Virmouth 1436188820

Personally no. Nothing has changed. The guy has just made it official what he's been saying all along.

I hope Europe plays hard ball and slings them out of the monetary union.

OverlordNick 1436275629

AM we be held accountable if she buckles. Especially as the country that are trying to hold her to ransom are in no position to do so. If the Greek's plan isn't workable, bye bye.

Speedo-957716 1436792717

I think there are wider implications for the Eurozone. If it cannot manage one rogue state now then it doesn't set a good example for the future. The IMF, the EU and the ECB have also come out of this in a bad light.

It would be a shame to see it collapse under such little pressure.

Placebo 1436867500

Cynical plan to make loads of money on speculation in my opnion. Every couple of months its the same.

Alfred-913267 1437058275

It seems to have affected the price of Sterling if paying in Euros. Is this the Sterling's stength or a weakening Euro?

SuzyInGer 1437386447

Probably a bit of both. There seems to be a lack of confidence in the Euro at the moment and it's clear to see why.

Alfred-913267 1437474690

It seems that if everything is moving in the right direction again after the IMF has had its latest installment repaid.

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