Shares in Volkswagen

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Good or bad idea at the moment?


Yulia-958930 1443096975

I would say it would be a good idea to hold shares in Volkswagen at the moment IMHO...........

Placebo 1443101236

They look very low at the moment. Presumably as a result of this emission scandal. It'll all be forgotten about in 6 months especially as they've hired the BP oil spill lawyers too!

Partridge 1443177975

BMW look like they might be in for the high-jump soon too if this morning's news is to be believed.

Placebo 1443435974

They're down again this morning from what I can make out. I still maintain buy now, sell in a few years time.

AllyPallyMally 1447769886

Those that have bought them: have you sold them yet?

Malcolm-903619 1447887613

For what it's worth, my opinion is that this is a very good time to buy shares in most European companies, especially banks. If you compare the share prices now to where they were 7 years ago, they still have long way to go to get back to the levels pre-crash.

The DAX is quite expensive at the moment. Look at some of the other exchanges for a bargain (IBEX - CAC40 etc).

OverlordNick 1448048167

Well they look very healthy today! I imagine all the worry has blown over now has it?

Virmouth 1451518357

What were they when this thread was started?

Dimaria 1452000282

Looking at the slump of the last two days I'm glad I didn't.

First the Chinese stock market and now the US suing them for billions. Dear oh dear.

OverlordNick 1452100199

I suppose that's the market. Up one day, down the next.

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