UK bank account

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Does anyone have a UK bank account and are resident in Germany?


OverlordNick 1436275726

Most, annoyingly, claim that they don't do non-resident accounts in the UK in my experience.

OverlordNick 1437137046

Interesting - thanks for that information. I may have to look into that myself.

SuzyInGer 1437386363

I have a Natwest bank account in the UK but have just been informed that they are closing my account because they're focussing on the UK personal banking market. Great, thanks a lot Natwest.

Placebo 1438779538

Happening to us too. Anyone had any joy with Barclays?

Placebo 1439483721

Also heard that maybe the Cooperative bank offers accounts to non-residents? Any one experience of this?

Alfred-913267 1440080682

Thanks for all the replies. So it's possible then, but seem to be being phased out?

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