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What are the inheritance laws in Germany. If we buy a place here and then leave it, and a place in the UK to our sons, what tax do they have to pay? Any links or quick answers to this question?

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If I wanted to start selling products to the rest of Europe through an ebay shop here in Germany, would I need to be registered as self-employed? Anyone know?

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Is there a standard of German language competance that you must acheive in order for a company to consider employing you here? Is there like, an official certification or anything like that? Thanks in advance.

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Does gay "marriage" (i.e. civil partnerships) exist in Germany? Has anyone been through a gay marriage process and if so, was it straight forward or was it riddled with problems? And how was life after - do people here accept it or not?

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What is the law here where you go into a shop and the item you have taken from the shelf has a price marked on it but when you get to the counter the cashier tells you that the price shown was incorrect and you have to pay more? In the UK the shop has to sell the item for the price marked (even though you sometimes have to battle for it due to the ignorance of most shop assistants regarding the law plus the fact the computer cannot handle it...) - the legal term I think is "invitation to treat". Do similar laws exist in Germany? It is infuriating and embarrassing when it happens. Thanks Hel

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I joined a gym less than a year ago and had to sign up for a year. They take the subscription on a monthly basis. However, before the year was up, they automatically increased the subscription by around 15%. Can they do that during the first year? I am annoyed as I made a commitment for a year, so they should commit to the price for a year.

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A colleague said we might be entitled to Wohngeld. Has anybody applied to get wohngeld - are there forms in English?

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I wanted to rent a flat and I heard the landlord can ask for a "Schufa-Auskunft". What's that and where can I get this?

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