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Hi all, I am wondering where everyone is going to get their Christmas bird from? Usually we have a turkey so wondered where would be a suitable place to aquire one for Christmas dinner this year? Would be grateful if you'd reveal your sources... Thanks


Susan-873734 1418639238

We get ours at the local weekly market - you can preorder to make sure you get one of the size you like. Of course, the supermarkets also have a whole range of Turkeys, geese and ducks. We'll have turkey this year. What are you doing as side dishes?

Placebo 1418679505

A goose is so much nicer than turkey. Turkey is yet another US import into European culture. A good old fashion goose tastes better, isn't as dry and gives the most wonderful fat for confit.

My dinner is not complete without sage and onion stuffing, bread sauce and...wait for it... BAKED BEANS (it's a part of my childhood).


Virmouth 1418771627

Thanks for the tips Susan. I think I might pre-order as we only need a fairly small one being just the two of us. Which market do you go to to order it?

My Christmas meal would not be without roast potatoes, pigs in blankets and chestnut stuffing.

Can't say that I've ever had beans with mine. Perhaps I'm missing something?

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