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Would anybody be able to recommend a really special waterside seafood restaurant for a special occasion?


OverlordNick 1402702011

Do you mean at the port-side or anywhere where there's a bit of river / lake?

Ken87 1402940609

If you like Portuguese food, you have dozens of great seafood places in the Portugues quarter near Landungsbrücken. That's near the harbour, and you can sit outside in many. And tonight you can find fellow football enthusiasts who don't support Germany :-) Mind you, it is not really for special occaions, are you planning a wedding?

There are many fish restaurants near the fish market, in Altona. If you look for a premium one, have a look at Fischereihafenrestaurant they have an English website, and i think they do bigger events .

Placebo 1403000222

Hi Ken!

Thanks so much for your reply. No, we're not planning a wedding (we did that some years ago:-) ) but it is for our anniversary. We had fanstastic fish meals during our honeymoon around Italy all those years ago so would like to try and replicate the experience (or at least tip a hat its direction).

The Portuguese quarter and the harbour setting sounds pretty much exactly what I was picturing in my mind - thank you so much!

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